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Community Ideas

We all know people that face devastating situations in life. Situations out of their control that don’t fall under the umbrella of “Government Support” for one reason or another but none the less worthy of help from all of us. That’s Freedom Communities. Or maybe it’s the local sporting group that needs a bit of a start or a local Achiever that needs to get to their overseas competition and do us proud. That’s Freedom Communities.

With 5% of our earnings going towards this vision, we invite YOU, our Community, to submit your own ideas to help those you think need it most. Or Vote and Comment on where you think this money could best help out.

Why are we doing this? Same reason Millions of Aussies come together during times of crisis and stand by their mates. Because ultimately it’s not about who has the best car or the flashest house, it’s about caring for each other and having pride in that. It’s the spirit of giving!

We all want to make the World a better place, and together with a united spirit, we CAN.
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My Freedom

JOIN your Community

Submit your own IDEAS

VOTE on your favourite idea

COMMENT on idea's
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Get Involved!

Get involved and meet the people in your Community.

With today's social media, it seems we all have hundreds of friends around the world but are a little out of touch with those in our street and local Community. We wan't to change that. So why not come to one of our local fun days and get to know your neighbours with us. After all, a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet.
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Community News

Keep informed of latest Events, Property Updates and Points of Interest in your Community, Area or Region with the Community Newsletter.

Community news brings all Freedom Companies together in the one place so you know what's sold, who our local FreeAgents are and exciting things happening in your neighbourhood. Just register for your "My Freedom" Login, to have all of this information available at your finger tips.
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we can change

Were just beginning, but look what we've achieved together so far!
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My Community - My Voice - My Freedom

When we talk to the elderly generation, they speak of a time when communities were small, and everyone looked out for each other. Spirits were high, boundaries were shared, and pride was in their hearts. Well imagine if we could recreate that united community feeling again? We can! With private "Community Member Only" chatting groups, communication is made easy. Just register and we will send you an invitation, simple! Chatter allows us to post comments, share information like files & photos, and inform our neighbours in real time about what's happening... And like the rest of Freedom - It's totally mobile!