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Wellington Point State School P&C
Help us Upgrade the Prep to Year 2 Playground
The money would be used to help upgrade our Prep to Year 2 Playground which is on our P&C's agenda for an upgrade - currently the area is mostly an open area with a tired timber structure in need of a makeover and beautiful shade trees - what our school's landscaping vision is to create a new timber play area with boardwalk, seating, stairs and shop front - a fantastic area for our students to enjoy a lot of imaginative play and small group play opportunities amongst our existing trees.
posted by CharleneS2 · 35 days ago
This would be amazing for our school!
1 like posted by DebbieH5 February 27, 2020
A very worthwhile project for a fantastic community minded school!
1 like posted by WendyB2 February 28, 2020
What a fantastic opportunity. Children, teachers and parents would be happy and thankful.
1 like posted by MichelleM8 February 28, 2020
This woukd be a great benefit to our school community.
1 like posted by BradA2 February 28, 2020
Yes please
1 like posted by EmmaH3 February 27, 2020
A new play area would put so many smiles on the kids faces. They would just love it.

1 like posted by SonjaN1 February 27, 2020