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Noosa Life Art Circle
Costs a-creeping - Artists weeping!
A favourite way to hone your art and drawing skills is to draw the figure - from life - and several times a week if you can. The Noosa Life Art Circle was formed about 25 years ago by a few dedicated and keen artists who wished to do just that, improve and hone their art discipline, while inviting other artists to do the same and share the costs. A professional life model must be hired for the session (to pose nude) , and an appropriate hall must be hired on a regular basis.
It used to work simply fine, and costs were minimal, but in recent years an insurance policy had to be put in place and the participants fees have increased per session to keep the Group going. Occasionally, an art tutor is hired to encourage and inspire the individuals, challenging them to step out of their comfort zone and take their art to a higher level. With the Covid crisis, lockdown, and many artists choosing to stay safe at home in self-isolation, it is sometimes difficult to keep the Group going. Hall, model, and insurance still must be paid. If we were to give up the regular hall booking (a Church Hall), other Groups and organizations are waiting in the wings to hire the hall. The Group has always been self-funding, but an injection of funds at this troubled time would allow the Group to continue without those overshadowing cost concerns. Thank you for the opportunity to put forward our quest for a valuable grant toward the Arts on the Sunshine Coast, and thanks for listening.
posted by PaulineE2 · 50 days ago
Its a fabulous group very much like to keep it going.
It would be a great help to meet the costs of paying for Model and Hall use.
Also to have a tutor to encourage and embark in the arts of drawing,
Thank you
1 like posted by GiulianaD1 August 05, 2020
This group is full of experts and beginners, all on learning curve together. It is an absolute delight and a privilege to be able to share within this caring circle!
1 like posted by DianneM3 August 06, 2020
A longstanding Community group that deserves to continue ( especially during these difficult times of Covid ). A grant would to support the artistic skills of a diverse range of locals.
1 like posted by MerleO1 August 29, 2020