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IPA - Scholarships and equipment
We are looking at buying new equipment for the dance rooms and to be able to offer scholarships to kids that wouldn't be able to afford it as there is alot of struggling families in the local community that would love to put there kids in dance but cant. IPA maybe a small dance school but we are one big family. When you see the look on a kids face that is able to do a dance class as they have a scholarship is priceless. IPA thrives on making kids feel welcome and giving kids a safe place were they can do what they love and that is to dance. There are many kids out there that IPA would love to help out with a scholarship but are needing a hand to make their dreams come true. IPA is a dance school but they also thrive on making kids dreams of dancing a reality. We have talented teachers and student teachers that have great passion to help the kids be the best they can be.
posted by JacintaC2 · 163 days ago
Thank you for posting and sharing, let’s get behind some of our local families and help make a difference.
2 likes posted by TammieD1 February 08, 2019
I would be great to give kids an opportunity to do some classes
2 likes posted by AnnetteS1 February 09, 2019
Please IPA has many things we wish to do to suooort our families and students xxx
1 like posted by BeckyS1 February 09, 2019