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Starting your own business or empowering your existing team is simple with Freedom! How much more would you earn or be able to pay your team?

On average, how many properties a month do you list?
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On average, how many properties a month do you settle?
per month
Your average sale price* What is the median sale price for properties your sell?
Your average commission percentage* What is the average commission you charge after any discounts?
Monthly costs
Fixed Costs All fixed costs/desk fees you must pay to the office per month. Do not include variables like employee wages, signage, phone, postage or copying costs as these will apply to your Freedom business also.
per month
Franchise fee percentage Any percentage taken from your gross commissions before your share of the nett commission is calculated. e.g. Franchise Fees etc.
Your percentage after franchise fee* The percentage of the nett commission you receive after franchise fees have been deducted.
Per sale fee Any costs you must pay for each sale you make. Freedom Property charges $150.00 plus GST per sale once unconditional to manage all contract processing and follow up.
Per listing fee Any costs you must pay for each listing you bring on. Freedom Property is a member of The Property Platform. The Platform charges $45.00 plus gst per listing (exclusives only) to manage XML to websites and customer website.
Monthly Income
Monthly wages The monthly wage you receive not including debit/credit. If you are paying it back at some stage please do not include it.
Franchise Type
Primary Role*

Estimated Difference

Results based upon Franchise Type

^While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this calculator, these results are indicative only and may vary based on a number of factors. Results do not include the Freedom Communities donation of 5% of net income up to a maximum of $6,000 per agent per annum as this is a deductible donation and also drives a marketing plan.
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