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As a team, our community minded agents have committed to donating 5% of all earnings up to $6000 each per year to support local community projects. Help us with your Ideas on where it would be best spent.

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The top Idea by votes will receive $1,000, eight runners up will each receive $500 each
See Terms & Conditions for full details.
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We would love to paint a series of bright, creative and inspiring mural art pieces for our school community to enjoy. An inclusive project created and executed by parents, students and staff to transform the current plain concrete walls with colorful native themed murals featuring local flora and fauna. Our year 6 classes will be the first to work with the committee to design a mural for their ...
posted by LaurenT9 · 30 days ago · 36 comments
103 Points
Help us open the curtains on our production of High School Musical! At Kimberley College we believe learning should be inspirational, challenging and fun, and a musical is all those things. We're fundraising to help pay for props, costumes and other associated costs. As a not-for-profit school, your help means a lot to us. Will you support the students of KC by voting today?
posted by EmmaB1 · 4 days ago · 12 comments

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