The Freedom Vision

To connect, empower, inspire and reward the individual so they may amaze their customers, live a balanced life, and help those in need in their Community.


When I started in real estate back in 1993, buyers searched windows and newspapers then looked at property in cars with agents because they had to. There was no such thing as internet advertising, let alone major portals with 3D inspections. The profile of the office in regards to the window, newspaper and brand was a lot more important than it is today.

Now, people don’t care which office or brand is beside a property online, they want instant initial information about the properties they like and will most likely attend open homes. They list with the agent that builds a relationship with them and delivers timely and relevant information before they sell. The individual agent is now the key factor in the customer's eyes, not the office.

As an agent and principal of the leading office in the country for a major franchise group, I could see this shift in the market. It was then I set out to build a system to empower agents to easily deliver industry-leading customer service using a pre-built platform, build their own name as their brand, and get the rewards they deserve for their efforts.

A world-class, cloud-based platform that not only automated processes and communications like no other but one that provided a fully integrated business management plan that if followed, guaranteed huge success.

To do this it must assist with all aspects of the agents business and the day to day running of an office, including team training and onboarding, administration, community management, product design and booking, online and social profiling and financial control of the entire process. If it is more efficient to run certain parts of a business at a corporate level then why not do it?

What we now provide is everything an Agent with no prior business experience would need to easily run an industry-leading business in an affordable office environment or be totally free to work from anywhere, at any time, based on their lifestyle choices.

But most importantly, a structure that helps them balance their personal/work life, deliver an exceptional experience to their customers and give back to the community that supports them.

Welcome to Freedom Property.
Randall Curry