The Freedom Vision

Empowering excellence in customer service by allowing agents to focus on what they do best and be free of everything else.


There is no other industry quite like the real estate industry.

Our sales teams are expected to do everything including finance, digital marketing, copywriting, design, administration, business management and the list goes on.

Traditionally, a sales business was composed of a principal, agents and administration staff, all within a public-facing office. While this business model was great for building company culture, the initial outlay of time and money, as well as ongoing hassles, are no longer necessary to have a successful sales business.

The way customers and agents now interact is vastly different from the days of office window or newspaper advertising. The need for in-house support staff and a public-facing office is less important with online advertising and communication.

To this day, agents need business support for maximum efficiency and team culture for personal growth, but it can now be delivered in a far more cost-effective and professional manner. This is why Freedom Property was created. We recognise the importance of balancing the professional and personal aspects of your life; this is why we deliver flexible services suitable for your needs.

At Freedom Property, we have coupled world-class software with professional support at a corporate level to empower your business. This means buyers and sellers are met with the utmost professionalism from agents and support staff. Our teams are comprised of individuals that are qualified in their specific area of work, ensuring the best support for agents and the best service for customers. By assisting efficient local offices, backed by regional media teams, company training and social events, we have built a supportive and inclusive culture to be a part of.

This also includes our customers, as all successful real estate businesses are built off of strong relationships with buyers and sellers. For that reason, we have developed additional means of communication and collaboration that allow customers to be as hands-off or involved in the listing process as desired.

The Freedom family is with you all the way.

Welcome to Freedom Property.
Josh Sherwood