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Hilliard State School aims at ensuring each student has access to the resources and tools needed to assist their learning and education no matter their ability. This is why we would like to provide Hilliard State School students with new flexible learning furniture for each classroom. We recognise the importance flexible learning furniture has in playing a critical role in the context of modern...
posted by KristyG3 · 126 days ago · 28 comments
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In 2021 Gumdale State School has begun a new chapter in the curriculum area of Health. In our current world climate a strong relationship between a child’s mental Health, resilience and wellbeing are paramount to a child’s upbringing. In this new subject area Growing @ Gumdale students will explore not only the health curriculum but how students can become the best version of themselves through...
posted by Gumdale State School · 133 days ago · 20 comments
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Kimberley College is a non-profit independent school committed to meeting each student where they’re at. The P&F will put these funds towards the repair and upgrade of a refrigerated water fountain for the students. Thank you for your vote!
posted by EmmaB1 · 134 days ago · 43 comments
Our wonderful new playground and court yard are very popular during breaks and we are looking at buying more equipment for our students to enjoy. This will also include some mats and more play equipment in all other areas.
posted by StR1 · 147 days ago · 45 comments
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The Kolan South State School Corps of Drums was established in 1988 and is one of only two school marching bands in Bundaberg. The band uses bass, tenor and snare drums, along with cymbals and tambourines and generally consists of students ranging from Year 4 to Year 6. This year, we have invited Year 2 and Year 3 students to join and therefore we are looking to buy smaller and lighter snare dr...
posted by DeaneD1 · 147 days ago · 20 comments