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Ipswich District Athletic Club
New Sporting Equipment for Training - ACTIONED
Money will be used to purchase more equipment for training Ipswich's up and coming athletes. A club with current Australian Representatives and a number of up and coming future Australian Representatives this money would help supply the club with new sporting equipment for the clubs coaches to help their athletes achieve their goals.
posted by MarkS6 · 137 days ago
IDAC is a great club, amazing coaches , they put a lot o effort supporting all their athletes. GOOF LUCK IDAC
2 likes posted by EmmieA1 May 08, 2020
Great Club, Great people. Wonderful support to their young athletes.
2 likes posted by SarahM15 May 07, 2020
good luck Ipswich athletics 👌
2 likes posted by KymG3 May 07, 2020
Great community group with some amazing talented athletes
2 likes posted by LoisK1 May 08, 2020
This club is one of Ipswich’s finest assets among our sporting community. 100% deserving of this prize. Best of luck to IDAC
1 like posted by SharynW1 May 09, 2020
Wonderful Club where all athletes have an opportunity to work with excellent coaches, but to win some money it would be an amazing opportunity for athletes competing to have some new equipment.
1 like posted by VicP1 May 09, 2020
An amazing club with fantastic people and coaches
2 likes posted by SarahM16 May 07, 2020
IDAC is a great club with wonderful coaches, athletes and families . A club that supports everyone.
2 likes posted by SharynC4 May 08, 2020
Essential equipment
2 likes posted by MichelleW10 May 07, 2020
Ipswich has so many talented athletes.. the equipment would really help them.
2 likes posted by SmileyK1 May 08, 2020
Fantastic club
2 likes posted by DanL2 May 08, 2020