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Lucid Moves Pty Ltd
Lucid Moves Dance Community - ACTIONED
We are a beautiful hiphop/street dance community centred around the four values of peace, love, unity and fun. We pride ourselves on creating a second home/safe environment for all our dancers and families. Due to COVID we had to shut our physical doors however have moved our programs ONLINE! Any extra money in this time would be a fantastic help to make sure we can survive this period.
posted by RhysH1 · 136 days ago
Wonderful. inclusive. amazing. Talented. Welcoming. Adaptive. Family.
Lucid Moves is all of these things and more. So glad we are part of this fantastic community. Love.
0 likes posted by HelBran0T1 May 11, 2020
All the teachers are so caring and make sure your child has the best time whatever there dance ability.
You come out thinking you have aced your dance!!! Lots of fun!!!
1 like posted by JodieC3 May 11, 2020
Love Lucid moves. Such a beautiful place to go (even for the parents), with the loviest teachers.
1 like posted by DeanneW1 May 11, 2020
More than just a dance studio ... members feel supported and part of something really special.
1 like posted by PatriciaG1 May 11, 2020
Lucid is a family
1 like posted by BriahanF1 May 11, 2020
Inviting with new members, other studios and outside dancers. Friendly and understanding, always lends a hand when help is needed.
1 like posted by BelindaW2 May 11, 2020
Best dance studio. Great family community vibe. All inclusive. Teachers are highly motivating and super caring.
1 like posted by LeahC1 May 11, 2020
Amazing group of people that create one big family for everyone young and old to come together and express their creative talents in a safe environment. So proud of them and all that they achieve. ❤
0 likes posted by MelB8 May 20, 2020
An amazing group of talented dances and dedicated teachers who all bring meaning to community.
0 likes posted by AngelaL3 June 18, 2020
Good Luck Lucid Moves .
0 likes posted by JulieA4 June 18, 2020
So much love ❤️ for Lucid Moves.
0 likes posted by RoganneV1 June 18, 2020
Good luck
0 likes posted by AliS1 June 19, 2020
An amazing dance company that is a nurturing and safe environment for everyone to enjoy dance. Spreading love and inclusiveness to all ❤️
0 likes posted by HelenJ2 June 18, 2020
Best Dance Studio. Great family feel vibe. Inclusive, encouraging, supportive. Rhys has done an exceptional job of keeping his studio dancing through the Covid 19 challenging times, online, you tube, zoom, fitness challenges and much more. BEST DANCE STUDIO.
0 likes posted by LeahC1 June 18, 2020
Amazing talented and caring teachers and great group of students.
0 likes posted by NatashaB1 June 19, 2020
Sounds wonderful. Lots of Love and good luck from Bonnie Scotland xx
0 likes posted by MoragF1 June 19, 2020
Alot of dancers were left broken when doors shut worldwide.. my daughter in particular who use to train 4 days a week was lost.
Then these guys opened up the opportunity for everyone to keep going. mentally and physically rescued and gave daily purpose and exciting while in lock down.
So thank you!
0 likes posted by ShannaM1 June 18, 2020
Gets my vote! Good luck
0 likes posted by LynseyP1 June 18, 2020
My second home 🧡. So welcoming to anyone no matter who you are. It’s all fun and love at LM
0 likes posted by HollyJ1 June 18, 2020
The.Best.Ever! Dancers don’t just work on moves, they work on values. Inclusive, inventive, and heaps of fun for all ages. These guys keep finding new ways to move, groove, and share the love for the whole community.
0 likes posted by CJS1 June 28, 2020
Truely a dance community like no other. This community is about dancing from the heart and soul and allowing everyone to share in this rare and special feeling.
0 likes posted by DanielleC3 June 28, 2020