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Lucid Moves Pty Ltd
Lucid Moves Dance Community
We are a beautiful hiphop/street dance community centred around the four values of peace, love, unity and fun. We pride ourselves on creating a second home/safe environment for all our dancers and families. Due to COVID we had to shut our physical doors however have moved our programs ONLINE! Any extra money in this time would be a fantastic help to make sure we can survive this period.
posted by RhysH1 · 25 days ago
Wonderful. inclusive. amazing. Talented. Welcoming. Adaptive. Family.
Lucid Moves is all of these things and more. So glad we are part of this fantastic community. Love.
0 likes posted by HelBran0T1 May 11, 2020
All the teachers are so caring and make sure your child has the best time whatever there dance ability.
You come out thinking you have aced your dance!!! Lots of fun!!!
1 like posted by JodieC3 May 11, 2020
Love Lucid moves. Such a beautiful place to go (even for the parents), with the loviest teachers.
1 like posted by DeanneW1 May 11, 2020
More than just a dance studio ... members feel supported and part of something really special.
1 like posted by PatriciaG1 May 11, 2020
Lucid is a family
1 like posted by BriahanF1 May 11, 2020
Inviting with new members, other studios and outside dancers. Friendly and understanding, always lends a hand when help is needed.
1 like posted by BelindaW2 May 11, 2020
Best dance studio. Great family community vibe. All inclusive. Teachers are highly motivating and super caring.
1 like posted by LeahC1 May 11, 2020
Amazing group of people that create one big family for everyone young and old to come together and express their creative talents in a safe environment. So proud of them and all that they achieve. ❤
0 likes posted by MelB8 May 20, 2020