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Multicultural Festival
On Saturday 31 August 2019, Marsden State School and the local community will come together to share a celebration of Multiculturalism at our bi-annual Multicultural Festival. The festival is aimed to develop a sense of inclusiveness and an appreciation of other cultures by bringing the community of Marsden and its surrounding areas together. The festival boasts live performances from many cultural dance groups, as well as carnival rides, sideshow alley, market stalls, food stalls from around the world, a community expo and fireworks finale. It truly is a feast of taste and all talents! Entry to the festival is free. An extra effort is made to keep all costs to the community relatively low by seeking sponsorship. Support from Freedom Property will allow for the Festival to continue to grow and keep affordability low to ensure equitable access for all members of our school and the wider community.
posted by SuzieT2 · 270 days ago
This gives me a chance to help out the school and my children and I a chance to go out and enjoy ourselves at a cost that I can afford. My children have done performances with their classes over the past years and I still have 1 more daughter to do her last primary school performance in which makes me so proud to see all the students showcase their work, their learning skills but most of entertain the local community
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The performance within the students shows the effort provided and nutured from the teachers and helpers.
You are only as good as the teacher. True story xxx
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Love these initiatives for Marsden QLD Community!
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Since my kids have been coming to marsden they really enjoy there performances for multicultural day it brings a day filled with happiness and laughter not forgetting seeing all cultures especially all the yummy foods along with awesome rides as well making this a fun day out for families and the community.
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Can't wait to see the Marsden State School Multicultural Festival this year it's a special time for kids teachers family and also the community. With no help it just wouldn't be possible. Thank you😄
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looking forward to the festival this year our first time can't wait
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Missed this last year 😭I was in Sydney at the time so looking forward to it this year
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Like and sent to friends
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