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Coastal Junior Roller Derby Inc.
New Sporting Equipment & First Aid Kit
Coastal Junior Roller Derby (CJRD) is an all inclusive sporting group for kids aged between 7-17. Not only do we teach the kids how to skate and how to play the awesome game of Roller Derby, we get them fit, it's fun and all about teamwork. No-one is left behind and the bond created between the kids is very special. We train hard and they all have fun learning new skills, we have even had kids representing State and Country in Junior Roller Derby, which is just phenomenal. The funds would help immensely with sporting equipment, upgrade the first aid kit and advertising - we are only a small not-for-profit group so any help would be greatly appreciated :)
posted by CoastalJ1 · 369 days ago
This League is full of amazing kids and coaches..the kids skate hard and are all fun loving and full of team spirit
0 likes posted by KarlaH1 August 13, 2019
Roller Derby is a very inclusive sport and provides an amazing supportive community. It is an amazing sport and so much is done by volunteers. In a year when I had the privilege of watching the Australian teams representing our country in Barcelona, the timing seems right to provide much needed funds to CJRC for these up and coming sportspeople.
1 like posted by KarenleeT1 August 13, 2019
Great training for everyone to get fit and have fun.
0 likes posted by ColleenL1 August 13, 2019
My daughter loves derby with this group. Kids of mixed ages and mixed levels interact and bond in a way that breaks down social barriers usually associated with age and with different skill levels. The impact this inclusive and supportive culture has on the kids and teens is a powerful agent for social change. They compete, yet ego based competition is not the flavour. They challenge, but they know they real challenge is within the self. A little support for this club would go a looooong way.
0 likes posted by SuziS1 August 22, 2019
Go Tahlia and Jenna Heteraka
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A wonderful organisation and my daughter loves participating in derby!
0 likes posted by HollyB1 September 06, 2019
Such a great sporting league, my daughter just loves the fitness, fun and friendship
5 likes posted by NikkiiH1 August 10, 2019
Great league, great kids and some awesome fun. My 2 girls are into it and I’ve joined the adult league. Great fitness workout to keep the body moving
4 likes posted by DanielH2 August 10, 2019
Great people and some very talented kids here.
2 likes posted by Michelle August 10, 2019
Great bunch of kids and some some awesome parents here to
3 likes posted by Scrappy Coco August 10, 2019
I love Roller Derby
2 likes posted by TahliaT1 August 10, 2019
An incredible bunch of people. Parents and skaters give so much so our league can continue to grow and allow us to play regularly with new teams. It's a fantastic sport.
4 likes posted by JennaH1 August 10, 2019
I watch my granddaughter play roller derby from the other side of the world thanks to today’s technologies. It brings a lot of joy and camaraderie among the team and supporters. A fast and exhilarating game.
3 likes posted by JennyB5 August 10, 2019
My daughter joined derby a few months back, here’s mom thinking oho, my babe is picking something completely out of her comfort zone. Well, comfort zone walls have dropped and she’s made so many changes over the past few months I’m seeing a happy, social girl coming out of her shell. Thank you roller derby foe the inclusive environment that you have created for all these children.
2 likes posted by LouiseL1 August 10, 2019
Fantastic group, great opportunity! All the best in the voting!
2 likes posted by KarenD3 August 10, 2019
It's a fantastic sport because the kids are not on their phones and are getting exercises and also Mammys and Dads can make friends with the other parents...making it a all the family thing. 😊🌞 x
1 like posted by KrissyM1 August 10, 2019
Such an inspirational group of skaters from a variety of backgrounds. So lucky to be a part of this sport.
Please support this wonderful group of people.
1 like posted by GillianM1 August 11, 2019
CJRD are a fantastic group of kids with awesome coaches and volunteers. My daughter has thrived being part of this team.
1 like posted by SharynT1 August 12, 2019
This local league is doing amazing things for kids building confidence and resilience with this amazing sport. They are also an awesome community and support to one another!
2 likes posted by KrishnaE1 August 12, 2019
An amazing sport which empowers all involved. Building strong and unique people of all shapes, sizes and abilities.
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