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Murri Taipans Netball Club
Coaching development
Our Club is new to the Ipswich area. We entered the Ipswich competition with 8 teams, out of the 6 in competition level we have 4 competing in finals. We have a mission to give our players the best chance at development providing them with the skills and sportsmanship to make representatives levels. We would like to put all of our coaching staff through coaching development courses I preparation for 2020. The money would be put to paying for these courses for our coaches, this includes developing up our Jnr players to take on coaching the babies of our Taipans family next year.
posted by JohnAllisonP1 · 353 days ago
My granddaughter Déjà plays in one of the Taipan teams and has really made great inroads in her game since being with them.
So impressed with the coach and team support 👍🏽❤️
4 likes posted by MichaelB3 August 27, 2019
This club!🙌 One of the best in Ipswich QLD
3 likes posted by SavannaM1 August 27, 2019
My daughter plays in one of the Taipan's teams. Such a friendly club, very family orientated. She has improved so much this season!
2 likes posted by KirstenA1 August 28, 2019
Murri taipans are all about family. Such a positive club. Each other encouraging each other. Watching the girls grow as 1 has been an amazing experience. Thoroughly recommend.
2 likes posted by MakereR1 August 28, 2019
We have had an amazing season all around. Glad to be a part of a club that has always been about the girls from the beginning. Watching these girls nurture and grow has been awesome. Look forward to what the future brings for them all!
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Hopefully Murrow taipans win finials.
2 likes posted by MarilynF1 August 28, 2019
Good on you guys. All the best!!
1 like posted by SaraL2 August 29, 2019
I have 2 daughters that were participants in this club. My daughters have developed so much in confidence, skill, and socially that it has been a pleasure driving them to trainings, games, meet ups all of it. As a family we have grown and its all because this club really makes my girls feel important. This club supports and families and it coaches and young participants.
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1 like posted by KaddyH1 August 29, 2019
The coach’s have done a fine job.
One of my granddaughters played and watching her grow in this sport has been amazing for her social and development skills as well as given her confidence.

Thank you.
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Good luck Mz Jazzy
1 like posted by BarbsN1 September 02, 2019
Way to go Jazzy
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Good luck!! Xox
1 like posted by TaliaS1 September 02, 2019
Great club welcoming to all players and their families a deserving club who will pay it forward for all
2 likes posted by ChrisieM1 September 02, 2019
Go jazzy and team xo
1 like posted by AshleighM4 September 02, 2019
Go taipans!! Goodluck xx
1 like posted by AprilT1 September 02, 2019
Our granddaughter Toshona.....play's in one of the Taipan teams, we couldn't have asked for a well deserving club..The coaching staff are ALWAYS committed n supportive on each players effort....The teams always walk off the court weather...win or lose...with knowing they have done their best ...
We are so proud of our granddaughter's commitment throughout her time with her fellow teammates...
1 like posted by CherylS2 September 02, 2019
Voting on behalf of my niece 😍
3 likes posted by DavidaJ1 September 03, 2019
Very family orientated club...well done 🏀
1 like posted by VanessaC2 September 05, 2019
Such a great and family orientated club, very helpful and supportive to each other My daughters have had a fantastic year with Murri Taipans, we have found an amazing club!!!
1 like posted by JoP4 September 08, 2019
Amazing club❤️❤️
0 likes posted by ChardaeT1 September 08, 2019
I have watched I the background as the new club has formed. The hard work and the joy it brings these girls is amazing. They have done so well in such a short time. I hope you receive a all the support that they can get.
0 likes posted by JewelsR1 September 09, 2019
My niece Allah Payne plays for this team, Go Allah
0 likes posted by Loseli TanyaP1 September 09, 2019
Go Taipans 🔥🔥
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