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Eighty8 Dance Company
Eighty8 Goes to Nationals
We are a new dance company very excited to be taking 3 teams to WSB Nationals in Sydney in October. Our dancers rage from 7 yrs old to 30. We are so excited to have this opportunity. This would help with costs for everyone competing. Thank you. 🙂
posted by SianA1 · 352 days ago
We are so excited to have this opportunity and this would definitely help with costs for our teams that are going to wsb in October thank you so much 🖤💛
5 likes posted by LindaL4 August 27, 2019
Woohoo! We neeed all the help we can get and this will be so handy with our huge team who qualified for Sydney 😍💛
7 likes posted by MeilaingN1 August 27, 2019
Voted. Please get behind this amazing dance company
5 likes posted by CourtneyA2 August 27, 2019
My daughter has been a part of this amazing dance company from day 1, and loves it immensely. This opportunity would help get qualifying crews on their way to compete in Sydney, and would be so greatly appreciated. 💓
4 likes posted by CassandraL2 August 27, 2019
Amazing opportunity! What a huge help this will be to go toward Sydney❤️
4 likes posted by JaneM2 August 27, 2019
Such an awesome dance company! This would definitely help them out alot.
4 likes posted by ShamalarT1 August 27, 2019
All the best team!!! the work that is put in by all the families is unbelievable my nieces and nephew have been involved in this and you guys have my vote for sure it's so good to see young people doing good things in their community
4 likes posted by TanyaA3 August 27, 2019
So excited, what a amazing opportunity and this would help our Eighty8 family get to Sydney and represent.
5 likes posted by Crystal-RaeT1 August 27, 2019
What an amazing opportunity it will be for Eighty8 Dance Company to receive this. They totally deserve it!! Letsgoooo 88
4 likes posted by JamieL1 August 27, 2019
Letsssss go sis Mei! Proud of you and all that you have achieved thus far. The world is YOURS MAMA... GO GET IT xx
2 likes posted by JaminO1 August 27, 2019
What a amazing opportunity for eighty8 dance company! Would be a huge help for all crews heading to Sydney!! 😍😍
2 likes posted by ShamahR1 August 27, 2019
Done best of luck girl👏🏾🎉
1 like posted by MariaO1 August 27, 2019
1 like posted by ReneeB3 August 27, 2019
Best of luck guys
1 like posted by KerrynO1 August 27, 2019
Good luck guys xx
2 likes posted by AlyceA1 August 27, 2019
This is such an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY for the qualifiers and would be muchly appreciated get upon this dance company that is such a friendly and family vibe ♥♥♥♥
0 likes posted by EbonyL1 August 27, 2019
A fantastic opportunity well deserved! All the best 😉
0 likes posted by JaneS2 August 27, 2019
Best of luck guys!
0 likes posted by AggieL1 August 27, 2019
Good luck Yana & Team
0 likes posted by JohnT4 August 28, 2019
Voted. This dance company is incredible. What they are doing in Brisbane is changing little kids lives!
0 likes posted by VanessaV2 August 29, 2019
All help greatly appreciated xoxo
0 likes posted by DebbieM1 August 29, 2019
Good luck, hope you win!
0 likes posted by GenevieveM1 August 30, 2019
We are all so excited for this opportunity and this would really mean a lot❤️🤩
0 likes posted by KyleshaR1 August 30, 2019
All the best !!!! Xxx
0 likes posted by AleishaM3 September 02, 2019
What an awesome opportunity to help our dance crews in Sdyney..
Letz Goo🖤💛
0 likes posted by BridgetT2 September 05, 2019
Eighty Eight woohoo.. let's go ! 🤩
0 likes posted by HosannaL1 September 06, 2019
Good luck girls.
0 likes posted by PaulV1 September 09, 2019
Vote count for the fams! ❤️ Stay blessed.
0 likes posted by SitaC1 September 09, 2019
Wonderful initiative for a wonderful group of dancers xoxox really do deserve some good luck to go their way :)
0 likes posted by DebbieM1 September 11, 2019
All the best to all the dancers. Keep striving!
0 likes posted by SusanaN1 September 11, 2019
What am awesome experience for our crews.
We definately need help...help is get there
0 likes posted by BridgetT2 September 19, 2019
Couldn’t think of any group more deserved of this where they keep youth and families busy, exercised and happy in our community with this positive & aspiring initiative of creative art that knows no boundaries!
1 like posted by NgaireT1 September 19, 2019
Have fun Lexi and all involved with best wishes from Aunty Kina and the team at Hangi Pit Springwood. Have fun fun fun....xx
1 like posted by RoseK1 September 21, 2019
Good Luck TUIA girls💕
1 like posted by ElleT3 September 25, 2019
Eighty8 is a fantastic dance company , it’s extremely inclusive and community based! My daughter loves it ! Go Eighty8
0 likes posted by JodiC1 September 27, 2019
Good luck guy's
0 likes posted by MelissaF4 September 29, 2019