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St Rita's Primary School
New Sporting Equipment For School
We are working on providing some extra sports for those students who do not want to be part of competitive team sports.
We will need to buy equipment for them to do so. We are thinking of using the money for tennis equipment ( tennis rackets, balls) , T-Ball equipment ( bats, bases, mitts, balls, helmets etc) , Balls, Chess and outdoor games and activities for these students.
posted by StR1 · 42 days ago
This would be amazing for St Rita’s !!!!
Thanks Leanne .
1 like posted by RebeccaI3 February 26, 2020
Best of luck
0 likes posted by MelindaB2 March 25, 2020
Hoping St Rita’s winds this as our gorgeous y very special great nephew goes to this school, so i want them to win
Aunty Rainie
1 like posted by LorraineE1 March 06, 2020
Hope st Rita’s wins it
0 likes posted by CatarinaR1 March 12, 2020
Best of luck St Rita’s
1 like posted by TeganP2 March 05, 2020
A very good school
0 likes posted by GrazynaB1 March 20, 2020
St rita's
0 likes posted by CathyB2 March 26, 2020
How great would it be to expose our kids to a variety of sports? Thanks Freedom :)
1 like posted by ChrissyC1 February 26, 2020
Go St Rita’s!!!
1 like posted by LanceH1 March 05, 2020
Would be awesome for st Rita’s!!
1 like posted by AmandaW6 February 26, 2020
This will be amazing for the children at St RITAS. You are a wonderful woman, thank you so much Leanne
1 like posted by RebeccaN3 February 26, 2020
Thank you Leanne and Freedom. This would be a wonderful gift for our school
1 like posted by LindaL5 February 26, 2020
This would be fantastic for all the kids at St Ritas.
1 like posted by GemmaH3 March 05, 2020
Thank you freedom, our school really deserves it!
1 like posted by SandraA2 February 26, 2020
This would be wonderful for our School!! Thank you Freedom.
2 likes posted by StR1 February 20, 2020
Totally support more equipment to keep our kids moving and interested.
1 like posted by ToniS2 February 27, 2020