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Lucid Moves Pty Ltd
Lucid Moves Creative Studio
We recently opened a new HOME for all of our current dancers and community to have safe space and home.
The move, fitout and studio set up was a massive cost - help us get into the swing of it and provide a beautiful home for Redlands youth.
posted by · 16 days ago
This is more than a dance studio, it’s Family. It’s having a safe place for our children to dance and just be who they are. 💕💕💕💕
0 likes posted by June 14, 2021
I have literally never witnessed a studio with better morals, more accepting people or better dance development. So honoured to be a part of this studio :D
0 likes posted by June 08, 2021
Lucid is not just a dance studio, Lucid is a community, Lucid is a Family. I have been lucky enough to watch it grown literally from the groud up over the year, the passion that gets put into everything is amazing from supporting each other to shaving their heads and raising money for charities. No on deserves it more.
0 likes posted by June 13, 2021
An amazing space for our dancers.
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Good luck to all at Lucid, be sure to vote, share on your social pages, get all your friends and family to vote, share via text, messagenger, facebook! $1000 is up for grabs for most votes, Lucid won $500 the last two years, we need you to vote to win! Thank you.
2 likes posted by June 08, 2021
i have danced in numerous amounts of studios and this is the only one that shows such an enormous amount love, commitment and a sense of family. The 'vibe' is amazing and so is the dance. they offer a class for every age and ability. It truly is a family.
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Welcomed my friends daughter, who is along way from home in the UK. All about community.
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This dance family welcomed my daughter when she moved from uk to Australia, they are all amazing 🤩
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Amazing studio... you feel very welcome the second you walk through the door.

Very caring to all the kids.
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This is more than a Dance Studio, it is an extended family teaching our children Love,Respect for each other and with hard work, perseverance and commitment you can achieve your dream. Everyone at this Studio is Equal. GOOD LUCK LUCID!!
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