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Rugby Union Tour .. Japan!
We are a small junior rugby union club at Birkdale called muddies! Our under 14’s rugby union team have been invited to compete at the junior invitational rugby union competition in Japan during the 2019 World Cup. Our mission is to give these young men a chance to compete internationally as it is a once in lifetime opportunity for them, and raise enough money to get them there. We are so excited for these young men.. some who have played rugby union from the age of 5. Our fundraising is so important .. so please vote for us and help the boys fly to Tokyo
posted by MelA1 · 785 days ago
Come on people...read, open, sign in and vote...its that easy...cheers
2 likes posted by JamesT1 August 07, 2018
All the best with the fundraising team muddies.
1 like posted by JuliaA2 August 08, 2018
Good luck muddies!!
1 like posted by CarrieS2 August 08, 2018
Good Luck with the Fundraising
1 like posted by LisaL4 August 08, 2018
Go Muddies
1 like posted by AmandaC3 August 08, 2018
Hope you win. What an amazing opportunity for you all. Good Luck
1 like posted by HelenC2 August 08, 2018
✈️🗻🇯🇵🏈 🏆‼️
2 likes posted by ParvatiT1 August 09, 2018
Best of luck guys
1 like posted by RachelL3 August 09, 2018
1 like posted by MarjanaW1 August 09, 2018
Good luck boys
1 like posted by BronwynI1 August 09, 2018
Go Shan and Cruz. Loves up papa an nan Taupo
1 like posted by ChristineR2 August 09, 2018
Yes my nephews Shan and Cruz good luck to your team sweetheart Nga mihi Aunty Becca and Uncle Sid
1 like posted by PiripiF1 August 09, 2018
All the best Muddies for a good campaign!!
1 like posted by SariT1 August 09, 2018
Good luck boys
1 like posted by MaryC3 August 10, 2018
Good luck 💕
1 like posted by KellyR2 August 10, 2018
Good luck Dougray & Team 👍🏻
1 like posted by ElaineC1 August 10, 2018
Good luck
1 like posted by ErinP1 August 10, 2018
Go Cam!!!
1 like posted by RichardF1 August 11, 2018
Go muddies
1 like posted by KarynM1 August 12, 2018
Go Cam 'Doogie' Douglas!!! Have a blast buddy X
2 likes posted by TanjaL1 August 18, 2018