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Hi-NRG Sports Aerobics
Hi-NRG is a small but upcoming sports aerobics, cheerleading and fitness company based in the Redlands. Next year our dance family is doubling in numbers and we would love to be able to cover competition and travel costs for our amazing families. With competitions in Newcastle and Melbourne, any amount of money is greatly appreciated by all of us! Hi-NRG would like to thank everyone who takes time to vote for us!
posted by Lekeakrstevski@outlook.comT1 · 314 days ago
Good luck guys
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yeah sick cuz
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Voting for our HiNRG friends at HSS. Best of luck x
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Good luck! ♥️
1 like posted by BelindaI2 September 10, 2018
Such a wonderful new group in the Redlands. Lekea is a great coach and the kids love her.
0 likes posted by SueW2 September 11, 2018
Such an amazing and inspiring aerobics/ cheer club, full of young, dedicated and hard working athletes! Can’t think of a better candidate for this grant and looking forward to seeing this fantastic club grow over the next year!! YOU’VE GOT MY VOTE!
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Good luck Hi- NRG! 👍🏻
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Good luck Hi-NRG ❤️✨
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Good Luck. Job well done by all. Great to see this local business flourish.
0 likes posted by MandiS1 September 16, 2018
Very proud to have my 2 daughters apart of this new club. The guidance and experience from the young team @ Hi-Nrg is absolutely awesome
0 likes posted by MartinA1 September 11, 2018
This club has achieved great things for the many young people who do cheer and aerobics. Very proud of them all
0 likes posted by WardahJ1 September 12, 2018
Thank you Lekea, for giving Armani the confidence and ability to join both Cheerleading and Aerobics teams. Armani Absolutely loves you and her team 💕💕
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2 likes posted by TinaF1 September 12, 2018
Love this fresh new Club
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This club is amazing! Kea is the best coach and pushes us to amazing heights xx
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Hi-NRG is great little club whose athletes are already achieving amazing results. Any financial assistance from companies such as Freedom would help our much loved dance family. Kea you're the best!!!
1 like posted by Eliza-JaneB1 September 11, 2018
Go Kea! Number 1 for the win. So deserving
0 likes posted by SallyW1 September 23, 2018
Awesome club proud to be apart of☺
0 likes posted by RussellH1 September 12, 2018
Kea is an amazing young lady and such a great role model for young girls . Go Kea 👍
0 likes posted by KristyG2 September 12, 2018
An amazing upcoming dance studio in the Redlands...a wonderful and amazing coach
3 likes posted by MariaM1 September 10, 2018
Let’s go Hi-NRG!!
1 like posted by Lekeakrstevski@outlook.comT1 September 10, 2018
Hi-NRG is an amazing group to be a part of, we are super lucky to have such a brilliant Coach!
2 likes posted by TerissaW1 September 10, 2018
Is a fantastic group and even more fantastic coach
1 like posted by DebbieS5 September 10, 2018
What a fantastic opportunity for this small business who I know will truely appreciate any help - they are such a lovely dance group of kids and super talented !
2 likes posted by SaraA1 September 10, 2018
Great coach who just loves what she does. Kids adore her and would benefit and appreciate any kind of help.
1 like posted by TracyA1 September 10, 2018
Best coach and club to be apart of! Good luck x
1 like posted by LibbyM1 September 10, 2018
Great coach , GO HI-NRG!,
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love love love Hi nrg!
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Lekea is a wonderful person and has a fantastic group of athletes
1 like posted by CaitieF1 September 10, 2018
Awesome dance studio and coach.
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Awesome upcoming dance studio! HI NRG is amazing!
2 likes posted by TamikaK2 September 10, 2018
HI NRG is the most friendly, family like little club ❤️❤️ Most defiantly deserves all the votes in the world x
1 like posted by TaliaK3 September 10, 2018
What an amazing small business Hi-NRG is! Fantastic coaches and awesome students!
1 like posted by YolandaB1 September 10, 2018
One big amazing family 💞 everyone at Hi-NRG is kind hearted and fun loving
0 likes posted by TaylaG1 September 12, 2018
What a great bunch of kids and a wonderful coach who is always so encouraging. My daughter loves HI-NRG for the fitness the fun and the friendships.
0 likes posted by AlanaT3 September 12, 2018
All the best ❤️
0 likes posted by JanetteS1 September 13, 2018
Best of luck!!
0 likes posted by TinaB3 September 13, 2018
This would be amazing for Hi-NRG.
1 like posted by CherylH2 September 10, 2018
This is a fairly new studio, I personally know the director/coach and what a superstar she is!!! What a great opportunity for all of the up and coming stars 🌟 to join this fantastic group.. I’m sure any grant would be greatly appreciated not only by the director/coach but all families involved..
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider this company and you definitely won’t regret it!!!

GO HI-NRG!!!!!!!
3 likes posted by PrueR1 September 10, 2018
I’ve been apart of a few different aerobics clubs and Hi NRG is definitely the best. Kea is a dedicated, loving and hard working coach who always puts her athletes needs first. Hi NRG will definitely be a club to look out for in the future, they are going places! Awesome work Kea and HI NRG and good luck
3 likes posted by JodiM2 September 10, 2018
This will benefit the community and this amazing program for kids
1 like posted by KathrynC1 September 10, 2018
Amazing studio and coach ❤️
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Amazing coach and club who are very deserving of any financial support to help athletes to attend interstate competitions! Vote 1 Hi NRG!
1 like posted by TeresaR1 September 10, 2018
You won’t find a more dedicated, caring and inspirational coach anywhere! Our kids are absolutely blessed to be part of the Hi-NRG tribe. This club is going places and this financial support would be phenomenal for our talented athletes!
2 likes posted by JasminJ1 September 10, 2018
Lekea is an amazing dance coach and is doing her best to keep the studio so it would be such a help to her and hi-nrg grow and pay for travel fees for competition GO HI-NRG we love you 💜 pizzazz consider her request you will not regret your decision
1 like posted by TanekaT1 September 10, 2018
Love being at HI-NRG we’re it’s a family love every one their and Kea u r the best coach
1 like posted by AleishaM1 September 10, 2018
Good luck team
1 like posted by KirstyB2 September 10, 2018
An amazing club & coach that truely does everything to help her athletes!! X
1 like posted by SarahR2 September 10, 2018
So lovely to have watched you build your dream business Kea. You are a gem and you are so worthy of receiving all the support in the community! 😘
1 like posted by NinaL1 September 10, 2018