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Industrie1 represent Australia
We are the largest and most successful Sport Aerobics Studio in the Bayside area. We recently represented QLD across 27 sections of competition at the National Championships where we received a total of 38 National Medals, with a total of 17 National titles. Our 4 international stream athletes received 2 Gold, and a Silver and were invited to represent Australia as part of the FISAF World Championships in the Netherlands. Our athletes show a beautiful dedication to their sport and any help with funding will ensure our athletes get the chance to represent their country.
posted by Industrie1Studios · 314 days ago
Best of luck I1
1 like posted by LeanneL1 September 13, 2018
I spent many years at this incredible club. They are not only my friends but my family. This is a team of dedicated coaches who produce amazing athletes and truly deserve this sponsorship.
1 like posted by TaraB2 September 13, 2018
A great organisation, especially for young people!
1 like posted by NoelM2 September 14, 2018
A fantastic family run club!!
1 like posted by SandiH1 September 14, 2018
Good luck everyone!!!!! Davina 😊
0 likes posted by DavinaS1 September 14, 2018
The community is so lucky to have such an amazing club giving everyone an opportunity to be apart of this awesome sport!
2 likes posted by NikiH1 September 10, 2018
Get it girls x
1 like posted by MadelynC1 September 10, 2018
Amazing studio, wonderful coaches, amazing success and a big extended family. I know votes will be appreciated!
1 like posted by HayleeT1 September 10, 2018
These girls truly deserve it. Such dedication from athletes, coaches and parents. It is a wonderful sport and the community support is so appreciated
3 likes posted by GemmaT1 September 10, 2018
I have been apart of this company for over 15 years and I couldn't imagine life without them. They make for the best 2nd family and are so supportive and caring towards all teachers and students! I1 Family 😍
1 like posted by LucyG1 September 10, 2018
This club deserves the support of the community, upstanding athletes and coaches. What a fine representation of our community. Good luck girls!
3 likes posted by ScottM2 September 10, 2018
Great studio. Friends supporting friends. Good luck girls.
1 like posted by HayleeT1 September 10, 2018
Friends supporting friends. amazing place to dance. Good luck
1 like posted by HayleeT1 September 10, 2018
Awesome dancing studio. Industrie 1 is my favourite place to be, these girls deserve all the support they can get. What awesome role models!
1 like posted by HayleeT1 September 10, 2018
A passionate club with wonderful mentors for our children.
1 like posted by ZoeT2 September 11, 2018
So much love for Industrie 1!
1 like posted by BrookeS1 September 11, 2018
Fantastic club who definitely deserves the support!
1 like posted by AmyM3 September 11, 2018
I Love this Club!! Help to girls get to Worlds. Vote now
1 like posted by SummerR1 September 11, 2018
Great Club, dedicated coaches and athletes, Got my Vote!
1 like posted by SummerR1 September 11, 2018
Never seen a club where the girls support each other and lift each other’s spirits than this club. My daughters confidence has grown so much with this support. X
3 likes posted by JoR1 September 11, 2018
Get it girls
1 like posted by KelzP1 September 11, 2018
Good luck girls.
2 likes posted by EliB1 September 11, 2018
Awesome club
1 like posted by ManawaO1 September 11, 2018
A deserving club!
1 like posted by JennaB2 September 11, 2018
First year being apart of this fabulous club with my daughter and it feels like she has been there forever. The girls are all amazing and the coaches brilliant. One of the most supportive teams to be apart of. Let's help the girls to get to world's
1 like posted by EmmaC3 September 11, 2018
Awesome club 👊
1 like posted by EleahH1 September 11, 2018
Go Lylliarn & Mataya
1 like posted by MarianaP1 September 11, 2018
Awesome club👌🏻👌🏻
1 like posted by ChloeL2 September 11, 2018
Best of luck at worlds girls!!
2 likes posted by JoannaM1 September 11, 2018
Very Happy to support. Good luck.😊
2 likes posted by LanceH1 September 11, 2018
Fantastic group
2 likes posted by TraceyW3 September 11, 2018
Keep rising to the top girls
2 likes posted by RoiV1 September 11, 2018
Way to go Industrie1 Studios. Xx
2 likes posted by SheenaH1 September 11, 2018
Go Industrie thanks for all the help you give in raising confident girls.
2 likes posted by LarissaM2 September 11, 2018
Fabulous company, great resume, terrific staff and attitude - gotta be a winner!
3 likes posted by NoelM1 September 11, 2018
Great club!
2 likes posted by DanaJ1 September 11, 2018
2 likes posted by OliviaM2 September 11, 2018
Favourite Club !
2 likes posted by BayleeC1 September 11, 2018
All the best for World titles
2 likes posted by KarenM3 September 11, 2018
Thank you so much everyone!
1 like posted by Industrie1Studios September 11, 2018
Good luck girls xx
1 like posted by SarahR2 September 11, 2018
Good luck! X
1 like posted by HelaineE1 September 11, 2018
Please vote for this amazing company
1 like posted by LauraM3 September 11, 2018
This club is fantastic from the owners to the staff and the teams they are all amazing!
1 like posted by MarkH3 September 11, 2018
Great club & well deserving!! Go Guys, you rock!
0 likes posted by HessaT1 September 15, 2018
Good luck girls
0 likes posted by MadonnaS2 September 15, 2018
Good lick
0 likes posted by ChristineS1 September 15, 2018
Good luck
1 like posted by ChristineS1 September 15, 2018
Such an amazing club! Best of luck to the girls, so happy I sent my daughter there, the memories and friendships she has made will be lifelong all thanks to I1's support, such an inspiring, friendly and motivating team.
1 like posted by LaylaA1 September 15, 2018
Good luck! ❤️
0 likes posted by BreeanaB1 September 15, 2018
Congratulations athletes!! Good luck
0 likes posted by RachealR1 September 18, 2018
I have watched my friend achieve incredible things while being a part of this club! They work so hard and seem to have great friendships. Best of luck to the girls travelling to Worlds- such an amazing opportunity that they truly deserve.
0 likes posted by JuliaB1 September 19, 2018
Good luck girls! 💘💘
0 likes posted by DemiT1 September 24, 2018
Go industry 1 and good luck
0 likes posted by LucyW1 September 25, 2018
so many good memories xxx
0 likes posted by LiliC1 September 25, 2018
Good luck everyone!!!
0 likes posted by NatalieE1 September 25, 2018
Vote I1 xx
4 likes posted by DaleR1 September 10, 2018
Amazing studio deserves some local support xo
6 likes posted by Aleisha-MarieB1 September 10, 2018
The best coach, the best girls, just the best :-)
1 like posted by SarahT9 September 11, 2018
These Gals, taught me everything I know on the D-floor. So deserve it!! 🤙🏼
2 likes posted by RickoL1 September 11, 2018
Fun family friendly club and awesome to be apart of!
2 likes posted by KylieH7 September 11, 2018
Best aerobics coaches ever. Highest standard in QLD for sure. No other club even compares
1 like posted by NikkiT2 September 11, 2018
1 like posted by JennaT3 September 11, 2018
Help these girls get to worlds and reach for the stars =)
1 like posted by NicoleR1 September 11, 2018
Awesome coaches, awesome club, awesome results
1 like posted by NicolaO1 September 11, 2018
Amazing Company, amazing culture, amazing team 👏🏼😊
1 like posted by KaraM2 September 11, 2018
Yay!!!! Go Industrie 1! Couldn't think of a better organisation for this to go to ❤️
1 like posted by KimM4 September 11, 2018
My daughter “graduated” with “flying colours” from this Club. Best and most dedicated coaches and friendly staff.
1 like posted by NitaB1 September 11, 2018
Brilliant young girls doing their country proud
1 like posted by HarveyT1 September 11, 2018
Go I1. What a brilliant representation of our country
1 like posted by ReggieT3 September 11, 2018
My darling girl started at this club when she was in a Grade 6. She was supported and mentored by the wonderful McKinlay family. Today she is 30 and a World Judge for Sports Aerobics. And those friendships she had way back then are still going strong. A wonderful club!!!
2 likes posted by CherylleaS1 September 11, 2018
way to go!!!
1 like posted by BethN1 September 11, 2018
Great club that support each other ❤️❤️
1 like posted by JadeT5 September 11, 2018
Good luck 🍀
1 like posted by BrionyT1 September 11, 2018
1 like posted by MustangS1 September 12, 2018
Good luck girls 😘
2 likes posted by TaniaC3 September 12, 2018
Good luck 😍
2 likes posted by BecM1 September 12, 2018
Many of my happiest childhood memories were at Industrie 1! Couldn’t think of a more deserving club. Good luck!
4 likes posted by StephL1 September 12, 2018
Good luck Industrie1.
2 likes posted by TrentB1 September 12, 2018
Amazing athletes gooooo Industrie 1 🌟
1 like posted by JustineB1 September 12, 2018
Great club.
4 likes posted by LindaM4 September 12, 2018
Good luck
1 like posted by MikeI1 September 12, 2018
Good Luck!! X
1 like posted by DianeM3 September 12, 2018
Good Luck!
1 like posted by BreeE1 September 12, 2018
goodluck to all i was so devastated when my health forced me out of something i really enjoyed.
1 like posted by CarrieJ1 September 12, 2018
Good luck Industrie1 🏆
1 like posted by MikkiB1 September 12, 2018
Good Luck!
1 like posted by MatthewG1 September 12, 2018
Such a close aerobics family where everyone is always supporting each other at all competitions and trainings. Wouldn’t be the same without the incredible coaches and all their time they put into the studio. Let’s go Industrie 1 and good luck at worlds!!! ❤️
1 like posted by Jasmine PaigeR1 September 12, 2018
Keep up the excellent work. Go team!
1 like posted by MichaelA3 September 12, 2018
Best dance crews in Australia!
1 like posted by KaeleiD1 September 12, 2018
Best club!!! I1 family i1 woo!
5 likes posted by MoniqueR1 September 10, 2018
Most supportive local club with the most amazing group of people so dedicated to their team members.
5 likes posted by KatieW1 September 10, 2018
Been with this club for 8 fantastic years. So much fun!!
4 likes posted by JennyB3 September 10, 2018
Industrie1 is a highly supportive and positive club for all kids - good luck!
1 like posted by CatherineP1 September 12, 2018
Good luck girls xx keep pushing hard and it will pay off, I am so exited to see you absolutely smash it on ten world stage 💗
1 like posted by IssieP1 September 12, 2018
Great club!!!!!
1 like posted by JemmaE1 September 12, 2018
Go Industrie 1 !!
1 like posted by TaaH1 September 12, 2018
Good Luck Penny! :)
1 like posted by RogerG1 September 12, 2018
1 like posted by EhG1 September 12, 2018
Great studio. Love watching my two neices dance and get better every year.
1 like posted by KenR1 September 12, 2018
Congratulations on all your achievements so far Industrie 1! What an amazing Club...
Best of luck in your efforts to continue realizing the combined potential of your incredible talents and providing inspiration for others to do the same...👍🏻
1 like posted by JasonH2 September 12, 2018
My daughter couldn't imagine not being apart of the I1 family. Got my vote
1 like posted by DaleR2 September 12, 2018
My daughter has spent hours and hours at I1 over the past 6 years . Khloe has grown into a beautiful ,independent , committed, dedicated , strong young woman , thank you to Penny and the all coaches for believing in Khloe , she is who she is because of you x
1 like posted by HeidiL1 September 12, 2018
Good Luck girls!
1 like posted by FryziF1 September 12, 2018
I1 wooo! 💕
1 like posted by Julie AnneJ1 September 12, 2018
Have had my 2 girls go through PJ’s, 1 still there, and very fond memories and great fitness and friendships.
1 like posted by SuzyB1 September 12, 2018
Great Dance Club ⭐️👌
1 like posted by MicheleP1 September 13, 2018
The best studio
1 like posted by TriciaT1 September 13, 2018
The best studio
1 like posted by TriciaT1 September 13, 2018
1 like posted by JulieJ3 September 13, 2018
My vote I1.
1 like posted by BerylS1 September 13, 2018
Hope you win!
1 like posted by SandyG2 September 13, 2018
Dedicated athletes deserve some financial help go Industries 1
Maggie Watson
4 likes posted by MaggieW1 September 10, 2018
Let's get these talented, hard working girls to Worlds! Amazing club dedicated to helping our girls to be the best they can be and reach for the stars.
3 likes posted by SueM3 September 10, 2018
All so talented! Go Charlie!
3 likes posted by SarahM7 September 10, 2018
These amazingly talented and dedicated girls really deserve some support.... they are amazing at what they do and can’t wait to represent Australia at the world championships
2 likes posted by GregR1 September 10, 2018
These girls travel around the country and across the world to compete. Fundraising is always difficult- good luck in the Netherlands 🇳🇱
2 likes posted by NattA1 September 10, 2018
good luck to all.
1 like posted by JenniferB2 September 10, 2018
Wishing you every success and fun!! Good luck!
1 like posted by Daniel JodieP1 September 10, 2018
Woooo I1! These girls work SO hard! Totally deserving of this!
1 like posted by Julie AnneJ1 September 10, 2018
Dynamic, organised and inspirational club. Wish there was an Industrie 1 on the Sunny Coast!!
1 like posted by JulieS5 September 10, 2018
Here’s your vote Gems! Xx
2 likes posted by DoooooooodT1 September 10, 2018
Go industrie one!
1 like posted by KellyN1 September 10, 2018
Great Club
1 like posted by IvanC1 September 10, 2018
Amazing club who deserve all the support!
2 likes posted by MirandaI1 September 10, 2018
So proud of you girls ❤️ Miss you all xx
2 likes posted by IndiH1 September 10, 2018