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Foster Mum Extroadinaire
I am nominating Mel Wilkinson as a local hero. She is an absolutely amazing woman and solo foster mum who constantly has around five foster children on the go. She has adopted two foster children and also has two children of her own. The level of love and commitment she gives to these children day in day out is incredibly humbling and I am in awe of her selflessness. Her whole life is centred around these kids, ensuring they receive the level of care they so rightly deserve. Please vote for Mel as she has been making a difference in the lives of these kids every day for the past seven years :)
posted by HayleyR · 957 days ago
Mel is an inspiration!!
1 like posted by WendyP1 October 20, 2017
Mel is a truly selfless person helps anyone in need, more recently (past 7 years) children who for whatever the reason cannot be cared for by their own family. Mel puts her own needs in last place every time and it would be so nice to see the tireless love and dedication she pours into her children public ally acknowledged. Team mel
1 like posted by BecC2 October 20, 2017
An absolutely amazing lady
0 likes posted by VanessaA2 October 22, 2017