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Mt Cotton SS Rainforest
Mt Cotton SS is home to the precious legacy of past parents and students who planted up a beautiful bushland area onsite, affectionately referred to as 'The Rainforest'. These funds will go towards maintaining this fantastic resource so that children can continue to learn hands-on about the environment, as well as towards other outdoor learning and nature-based initiatives that are designed to raise environmentally conscious citizens while also supporting children to develop the resilience, empathy and innovative mindset required for a brighter future for all. Thank you for your vote!
posted by EmmaB1 · 1105 days ago
What a wonderful project.
0 likes posted by JudithB1 September 12, 2017
Well done Emma x
Nicola S
0 likes posted by StevenS1 September 12, 2017
A great resource for the students.
0 likes posted by JenniferS2 September 12, 2017
40+ years ago the Rainforest was originally known as the Gully whete every school
student was allowed to adopted their very own tree within to care for it to learn the beauty of nature. It had always been a very unique asset for Mt Cotton State School, allowing students access to hands on environmental education. I am thrilled to see the beautiful "Rainforest" being maintained and developing beautifully into what it has now become. It bring back very find childhood memories for me. Great work!
1 like posted by JennyA3 September 12, 2017
The current children loved exploring the rainforest as part of our Outdoor Learning day last week. We saw a scrub turkey. a tawny frogmouth in its nest and many other interesting natural items. It was a wonderful way to support our learning in Science especially.
3 likes posted by NoniT1 September 12, 2017