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Protecting our local waterway
Birkdale State School borders with Tarradarrapin Creek - a local water catchment which flows directly out into the Bay. "Alien Invasion" is a program that has been developed by the teachers at the school, to study the invasive plant and animal species currently choking the creek. The project aims to develop students scientific skills in a real world setting. The project aims to identify and manage the invasive species. Currently, resources such as water testing equipment, are not available for the students. It is proposed to purchase resources to support this important program.
posted by LeanneG1 · 1105 days ago
This is a great program that helps teach our children the importance of protecting our environment, especially our waterways, and how so many different factors can impact it. Go Birkdale!
5 likes posted by Tess11T1 September 12, 2017
An awesome initiative at Birkdale State School which encourages children to protect and care for the environment.
5 likes posted by MelissaM3 September 12, 2017
Wonderful idea to help the kids at BSS!
4 likes posted by JudithS1 September 12, 2017
Fantastic idea. Hope Patrick learns a lot about protecting our environment.
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4 likes posted by JessT1 September 12, 2017
This is a great opportunity to teach our kids about the.importance of our environment and how we can all help to preserve our waterways.
2 likes posted by AndreaT1 September 12, 2017
How fantastic what a great program. Come on bss we can do this to get resources to support this wonderful opportunity for our kids 😊
2 likes posted by MichelleL3 September 12, 2017
An Absolute project and opportunity for students and teaching staff as this creates awareness in regards to the ' Importance of Australian Environment'. This project will have a great impact in the students learning and understanding of the importance of our animals, water but importantly our environment itself. - Best wishes Birkdale!
2 likes posted by JohnnyD2 September 13, 2017
The students at birkdale gain so much from this project. Together with the wonderful staff at indigiscapes, students learn about the invasive plants that grow alongside birkdale creek and the problems they cause to our native flora and fauna. Student are motivated to become citizen scientists and 'do something' about this problem.
1 like posted by KateH3 September 13, 2017
So important to care for our waterways!
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What an awesome initiative for the students to further their programs of course work and help the surrounding environment flourish!
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