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Nature Zone
A washed out dusty area under some old pine trees became a unusable space. Neighbouring properties have recently cleared bushland that provided habitat for animals and privacy our school. We are working on turning this wasted area into a fresh area that children can play and use for outdoor reflection and classes. The area will be planted out with approximately 1000 natives, including grasses to filter run off rainwater and various bushes and trees that have a variety of colour and encourage birds and other wildlife. Help our school turn this waste area into a nature retreat.
posted by StP1 · 1126 days ago
St. Peter's p and F work hard and deserve this
1 like posted by JenniW1 August 22, 2017
This school deserves this grant ! Such a beautiful school and our P&F work so hard , whilst doing full time jobs, raising families etc to help our school... would love to see them win this!
1 like posted by JaninaG1 September 12, 2017