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Kolan South Gardening Group
Kolan South State School is a rural school with 125 students. Each year a gardening program is conducted as part of the lunchtime extra curricular activities. Last year there we so many students keen to garden, that the numbers had to be limited to Year 5 & 6 only. This meant there were several disappointed students. These grant monies would enable the upgrade and extension of the current 10 meter square vegetable garden, to promote and encourage full student participation in the gardening program. We would love to extend the gardens so that each class would have their own garden bed to allow the individualisation of the produce grown. The classes will have control over their gardens beds and be responsible for watering and maintaining them. Once harvested, the produce would then be used for curriculum based education within the classrooms and eaten by the students. Excess produce would also be used in the weekly tuckshop menu. Our project will cover the full "food cycle", from seed to produce, to compost, to seed again. Having a garden bed per class will also open up the opportunities for inter school growing competitions using sunflowers, pumpkins, watermelons and the like. The garden will provide multiple areas of learning & teaching outcomes including encouraging and enforcing healthy eating lunch boxes, from Prep right through to Year 6. It will reduce the school's food waste and promote and teach sustainability both through the composting of scraps to the reseeding of plants. Thank you for voting for our students.
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A great initiative!!
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Great project for the kids.
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Great school. great environment. great community.
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A brilliant idea for our next generations
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Voted, good luck.
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Good luck, hope all works out for the school. Great idea
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Good luck!
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Fantastic and good luck Xx
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Great to see gardens are great for kids to learn and grow
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