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Woodwork and Gardening Equipment
Connect2Group operates a Community Arts Precinct known lovingly as CAP, in Wellington Point, We provide support for people with disabilities to learn new skills, achieve independence and make positive contributions to their community. The CAP is a community hub for people of all abilities and all walks of life to come together, create and share.
The Woodwork and Arts groups are seeking new equipment, tools, materials and storage for their activities - they have great plans to beautify the CAP and welcome even more community members to their "home". Together with the gardening crew, they are busy creating decorative walls, ornaments, planter boxes and much more. But all of this requires proper tools and equipment, along with materials. Their aim is to make CAP a self-sufficient hub with its own community garden, art and garden works for sharing with the community, and a hive of activity in a safe haven for people of the local area.
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