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Help us open the curtains on our production of High School Musical! At Kimberley College we believe learning should be inspirational, challenging and fun, and a musical is all those things. We're fundraising to help pay for props, costumes and other associated costs. Will you support the students of KC by voting today?
posted by EmmaB1 · 2 days ago · 5 comments
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At Runcorn State School, we firmly believe that the Arts plays a very important role in child development. Artistic games and activities actually help children learn other subjects as well. Further, it helps to encourage visual, motor and social development. Using art as a vehicle for expression is enriching because children can use it as a communication tool for their feelings and emotions. ...
posted by JacqueC1 · 16 days ago · 4 comments
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Vienna Woods State school is a small school with a BIG heart. We have just under 300 students currently attending our school, with an Amazing dedicated team of Staff and Parents. Our P&C would love to paint and refurbish our Grade 5&6 undercover area, at the moment it has plain white walls, bare concrete pillars and is looking very old and worn out. Our main reasons for wanting to brigh...
posted by KatherineS3 · 18 days ago · 4 comments
The Redlands Modern Country Music Club Inc. (RMCMC) is a not-for-profit organisation fostering the performance, promotion and enjoyment of country music in the local Redlands Community. Our Members include people of all ages, and from all walks of life. Our Members regularly donate their time and musical talents in support of worthy organisations and causes throughout the Redlands. Additionally...
posted by RedlandsM1 · 19 days ago · 20 comments
We would love to paint a series of bright, creative and inspiring mural art pieces for our school community to enjoy. An inclusive project created and executed by parents, students and staff to transform the current plain concrete walls with colorful native themed murals featuring local flora and fauna. Our year 6 classes will be the first to work with the committee to design a mural for their ...
posted by LaurenT9 · 28 days ago · 31 comments
A favourite way to hone your art and drawing skills is to draw the figure - from life - and several times a week if you can. The Noosa Life Art Circle was formed about 25 years ago by a few dedicated and keen artists who wished to do just that, improve and hone their art discipline, while inviting other artists to do the same and share the costs. A professional life model must be hired for the...
posted by PaulineE2 · 48 days ago · 3 comments
Connect2Group operates a Community Arts Precinct known lovingly as CAP, in Wellington Point, We provide support for people with disabilities to learn new skills, achieve independence and make positive contributions to their community. The CAP is a community hub for people of all abilities and all walks of life to come together, create and share. The Woodwork and Arts groups are seeking new ...
posted by PeteM2 · 49 days ago · 7 comments
Split Lip is a short film, about a closeted gay boxer and his relationships with the men in his life. The project has been struggling to get made for the last year or so mainly due to budget issues. The crew is entirely queensland based and are all looking at this as an opportunity to help further their artistic careers. Whatever money the film would receive would go into it's marketing/fil...
posted by ArminD1 · 51 days ago · 1 comment