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Redlands Modern Country Music Club Inc.
Restart Activities from COVID-19 Interruption
The Redlands Modern Country Music Club Inc. (RMCMC) is a not-for-profit organisation fostering the performance, promotion and enjoyment of country music in the local Redlands Community. Our Members include people of all ages, and from all walks of life. Our Members regularly donate their time and musical talents in support of worthy organisations and causes throughout the Redlands. Additionally, the Club has a history of making financial donations to charities and worthy causes, not only in the Redlands, but also more widely throughout Queensland. In the Club’s last financial year (1 June 2019 to 31 May 2020), a total amount of $6,270 was donated by the RMCMC to the following organizations:
• St Vincent de Paul Qld. Bush Fire Appeal … $2,500
• Western Qld. Drought Relief Appeal … $2,500
• Wheels on Meals Victoria Point Branch (Catering Supplies) … $470
• Agape Outreach Queensland … $250
• Guanaba Country Music Club’s Annual Charity Day … $250
• Broxburn Country Music Club Festival … $100
• Redcliffe Country Music Club Festival … $100
• Homestead Country Music Club Festival … $100
With the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, our Club has seen its income completely disappear. We would use this donation to help us get back up and running in compliance with the requirements of Queensland Government and Health Authorities and thereby resume our contribution to Community.
posted by RedlandsM1 · 21 days ago
RMCMC is a wonderful club with members varying in age from very young to people in their eighties. It is an inclusive, supportive community of music lovers. The club also donates regularly to charities within the Redlands throughout each year. RMCMC also supports businesses within the Redlands.
1 like posted by NevinG1 September 08, 2020
Good luck 😁
0 likes posted by AnnlouiseM1 September 03, 2020
Music is life,cheers everyone up
2 likes posted by ClareK1 September 03, 2020
What a great idea! This is something everyone from all ages can enjoy locally here in the Redlands. Best of luck guys and thank you for everything you do for this community!
2 likes posted by DylanH1 September 03, 2020
A FANTASTIC local organisation creating enjoyment from a wonderful Thornlands venue. You have my vote for sure! Good luck
1 like posted by PeterH2 September 03, 2020
Good luck! 😁
0 likes posted by LeeR2 September 03, 2020
Good luck
0 likes posted by PaulC5 September 03, 2020
Very deserving a great community! Always giving out.
0 likes posted by BeverleyB1 September 03, 2020
One of the few institutions left in the modern world where young people interact with older people and senior citizens whilst having so much fun together in the name of music.
1 like posted by MichaelT9 September 03, 2020
Good luck Hooly
0 likes posted by MartinH2 September 03, 2020
This club has a great record of supporting others in need.
1 like posted by RonL1 September 03, 2020
RMCMC would be well deserved to get assistance considering everything they have done this year even under the stress of financial loss.
2 likes posted by KenD4 September 02, 2020
Good luck xx
0 likes posted by LorraineJ1 September 04, 2020
Good luck hooly! Good luck rmcmc!
0 likes posted by KateF5 September 04, 2020
This organization has provided Community Service for over 40 years, supporting local residents within the Redlands and beyond. A worthwhile recipient.
2 likes posted by RedlandsM1 September 02, 2020
This club is very community minded and needs support to restart activities following the pandemic hiatus.
1 like posted by AllenM1 September 02, 2020
Best of luck!
0 likes posted by ScottB2 September 03, 2020
🎼🎵 🎶 🎵 Good Luck 😉
0 likes posted by CorrieS1 September 07, 2020
RMCMC is a wonderful club for the community , it encourages musical talent for all ages and when possible donates to various charities and causes.
The club itself now needs help as covid has stopped all activites that raised money for its own very existence. I pray we are successful
0 likes posted by NoeleneB2 September 16, 2020
RMCMC has selflessly donated to many worthwhile causes detrimental to it's own financial situation. In addition it provides a service to Redlands and adjacent areas, welcoming people of all abilities and ages to be part of our community.
0 likes posted by LenL1 5 days ago