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Undercover Revamp
Vienna Woods State school is a small school with a BIG heart. We have just under 300 students currently attending our school, with an Amazing dedicated team of Staff and Parents.
Our P&C would love to paint and refurbish our Grade 5&6 undercover area, at the moment it has plain white walls, bare concrete pillars and is looking very old and worn out. Our main reasons for wanting to brighten this area are
1. For the students to have a colorful fresh and fun area to sit/play in
2. it is the first area people see when entering our school grounds and would be a nice welcome when brightened up.
We are in the process of getting suggestions from the current Grades4,5 &6 cohort on what they would like to see painted on the walls and are hoping to have the funds raised to complete the project over the upcoming Christmas holidays.
posted by KatherineS3 · 20 days ago
The children deserve a bright place to play!
1 like posted by LisaL2 September 03, 2020
Would love to see the senior grades artworks on the walls and pillars! What a great idea to bring lots of colour to the area and brighten the days of students, staff, teachers and everyone else!
1 like posted by ParvatiR1 September 03, 2020
Vienna Woods State School welcomes kids of all abilities and disabilities that other schools turn away. The school community and staff use resources from all areas to achieve this. This would be such a wonderful way to acknowledge this.
1 like posted by SandraC6 September 04, 2020
The best part of school is when our children can get together and have a safe place to play.
1 like posted by Le-AnnB1 September 06, 2020