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Birkdale State School
Make Learning Fun
The Birkdale State School P&C would like to introduce 'multiplication stairs'. This is a super fun way to visualise and learn number facts - each back wall of the steps in stair cases will be painted with a number fact - relevant to the year level of the building. We hope to provide a bright and colourful way to help all students by providing a visual learning tool and incorporating it into every day routine. Students will be exposed to the number facts each time they climb the staircase. To coordinate with this approach the BSS P&C will also purchase 'angle doormats' for classrooms. Not only do they serve as a doormat they also provide a visual cue of the angle that the door is at. Please help us make learning a part of everyday activities at Birkdale State School.
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Awesome idea. Kids will love this and have fun at the sane time 😊
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Great idea Birkdale State School! Love seeing kids learn their timetables.
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This is a fantastic idea
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This is such a great idea
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