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Redland District Special School P & C
Wheelchair Accessible School Bus
The Redlands Special School P&C are fundraising for the installation of a wheelchair hoist into 1 of our school minivans. Redlands Special School is the only special school in the greater Redlands area, supporting over 170 families. We provide individualised education programs for students with a significant intellectual disability, and in most cases additional disabilities, as well early intervention in our Early Childhood Development Program. Community based learning programs are important for generalising the skills taught and practised at school into functional, real life use. They allow students to develop and practise the skills needed to participate in their community outside of school and with their families. Community based programs are an extremely important part of a students' transition to post school life to ensure students have the skills necessary to become active participants in their community. The wheelchair accessible bus will allow students to access programs such as swimming and hydrotherapy programs, community access and post school transition programs as well as school camps, excursions, community and annual events. A wheelchair accessible bus will enable ALL of our students to access these important community based learning programs and experiences. On behalf of all the students, staff and families of Redlands Special School, we thank you for your support.
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Would be so much help to get this generous donation installed and being used 😌
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