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Seaford North Primary School (SNPS) - Keyboards for Kids
Seaford North Primary School (SNPS) wants all kids to have access to a variety of musical instruments. Music is a universal language that has the ability to improve brain power, build confidence and inspire creativity. The 'Keyboards for Kids' campaign will allow SNPS learners to express themselves through music, develop discipline and patience in practice and develop a love of music and musical instruments. This funding will be used to purchase keyboards for use by all SNPS learners from Foundation to Year Six. In addition to regular class use, learners at SNPS will have the opportunity to use the keyboards when performing and the schools Performing Arts captains will have an opportunity to integrate keyboard use during a lunchtime special interest club open to all students at various levels.
posted by EmilyT3 · 579 days ago
What a great idea!
1 like posted by KimB4 March 13, 2019
Great idea... Thanku... fingers crossed
1 like posted by AndreaV1 March 13, 2019
Music is such a basic essential learning tool. This is a great idea.
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Voted, my kids would love this
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Brilliant !
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Fingers crossed 🤞
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0 likes posted by StuartT1 March 27, 2019
Thank you for entering us in this. It would be so fabulous to get some more music in the school!!!
2 likes posted by KathrynT2 February 24, 2019
Oh how fabulous it would be to have more music available for our kids
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This would be fabulous!
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Good luck
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What a great resource for our school
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What a fabulous idea!
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Voted! Music is such a valuable educational tool across all ages in the school - good luck
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Fingers crossed that the wetlands will soon be alive with the sound of music... not frogs :)
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Would love this
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