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Freedom Communities allows us to give back the local community that supports us every day.

$5,000 for Local Schools
How can we help your school?
Tell us why your School should get the support offered by entering and share it with your friends. Together we can make a difference in the Community!
The top entries by votes will receive $1,000, 8 runners up will each receive $500
Voting closes 29/03/2019
2 Points
Kids need new sporting gazebos. The ones they have now are too small and half the kids and left sitting out in the sun.
posted by YvetteT1 · 2 days ago · 0 comments
35 Points
At Runcorn Heights State school, both the school administration and P&C have been working really hard to have all of the classrooms air conditioned. The Prep classrooms are next so our little ones can learn in a more comfortable environment. This support would take us a step closer to reaching our goal.
posted by KylieN2 · 2 days ago · 4 comments
74 Points
Runcorn State School is a delightfully diverse community nestled in Sunnybank. The students are bright, passionate, friendly and imaginative. At Runcorn we would love to create some natural play spaces for the students across different grades to express their individuality and creativity at lunch time; as nature is one of the best places for students to learn. Children innately reap huge benefi...
posted by JacqueG2 · 3 days ago · 31 comments
18 Points
Our kindy has a library facility that caters for both children and parents. The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline aims to specifically enrich children’s learning in the Kindergarten Year. Two of the five learning guidelines are that children are confident and involved learners and children are effective communicators. Our library resources aim to facilitate those two guidelines. We wou...
posted by PrudenceD1 · 6 days ago · 0 comments
1 Point
We need more varied sporting equipment so the kids can find their groove or interest and get active. E.g.. baseball gloves, lecross sticks, hockey sticks, tennis racquets. So much variety out there to enjoy but the kids don't get the chance to explore.
posted by ToniS2 · 11 days ago · 0 comments
1 Point
More sporting tools andplay equipment for additional options for play and sport time would be highly valued.
posted by Ally-1 · 13 days ago · 0 comments
1 Point
Sports equipment for our wonderful kids to enjoy 😉
posted by ClareM2 · 13 days ago · 0 comments
214 Points
Our P and C is actively fundraising to assist our school in air conditioning all of our classrooms throughout the school. We have a large school with approx 2200 hard working students so we have many classrooms to air-condition. Our school has started this expensive process and we are hoping to assist and speed up this process by donating as much as we can to this important project. We want to ...
posted by MariaS4 · 13 days ago · 48 comments
6 Points
This is a small school in need of some equipment for their prep students. An active body keeps the students healthy therefore keeping the mind active and willing to learn.
posted by MarilynH1 · 13 days ago · 0 comments
1 Point
This money could be used to improve the outdoor and play equipment for the kids, especially preps, at this small community school.
posted by AlishaG1 · 13 days ago · 0 comments
3 Points
Sports equipment for the prep students
posted by NicoleB3 · 13 days ago · 0 comments
1 Point
This is small school that could do with all the help they can get to provide learning tools for their budding young students. Play time is so vital to a good all round education. It also keeps young bodies healthy and a healthy body produces the best learning outcomes.
posted by SueM2 · 13 days ago · 0 comments
1 Point
The school would love to replace some broken play equipment for the prep kids. It’s a great small school and they really deserve something amazing like this.
posted by ChloeB2 · 13 days ago · 0 comments
67 Points
We would love to replace our outdated and broken play equipment that we currently have for our Prep Students to play with. A lot of their my loved equipment is worn out or at a stage that they are unrepairable. Please support of 95 student country school by taking a few minutes to vote for Kolan South State School. Thank you very much Freedom Communities for supporting kids and schools.
posted by JulieH2 · 13 days ago · 5 comments
1 Point
Small local school would really benefit from some new sports equipment great timing with the new sports teacher starting .
posted by RebeccaI2 · 13 days ago · 0 comments
1 Point
The money would be used to better teach safety in sporting activities. Practical devices such as mouth gaurds, helmets, injury prevention and safety measures.
posted by AnnetteC2 · 13 days ago · 0 comments
3 Points
New sports equipment is desperately needed, new sports teacher with fantastic new ideas, now need the gear to support said teacher, so kids can benefit.
posted by KylieC2 · 13 days ago · 0 comments
2 Points
Changing of school houses logo, so this would really help go towards making this a fast and smooth process!!
posted by KrystalW1 · 13 days ago · 0 comments
35 Points
St Rita’s has a great sports program and now new names for our House Teams. We would love to get some sports banners for the 4 house teams and some camping mats. Students often have to sit on grass when attending school, interschool and district competitions. Camping mats are easily rolled up to carry and take on buses but cost $200 each. Purchasing at least 4 of them would help us greatly. We ...
posted by StR1 · 14 days ago · 1 comment
133 Points
Birkdale State School is very lucky to have its own pool for the students to use during PE lessons. Unfortunately our pool cover is in need of being replaced and without it the water temperature drops dramatically making it too cold for the students to swim right through the term. We would love to use the money to go towards replacing the cover so these important swimming lessons can continue f...
posted by TracyT3 · 15 days ago · 19 comments
33 Points
Our school offers amazing Excellence Programs for both Netball and Rugby League. We would love to subsidise costs for travel, equipment, competition fees and other events for our students and their parents. This would allow us to offer more students more opportunities to be involved in these sports.
posted by MarnieT1 · 15 days ago · 3 comments
47 Points
The Sycamore School has just opened a highschool for Chidren who are autistic. The buildings are currently being built and we need desks and chairs for the classrooms. We also need Whiteboards, teaching resources and computers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
posted by NicoleS2 · 16 days ago · 7 comments
31 Points
The Mount Cotton State School Instrumental Group is in need of new performance banners for their music stands. The MCSS instrumental group preforms regularly through the Redlands community and having new banners for their stands will help reinforce and increase the sense of pride the amazing students have for themselves, the school and their musical ability.
posted by PhilT1 · 23 days ago · 1 comment
113 Points
Seaford North Primary School (SNPS) wants all kids to have access to a variety of musical instruments. Music is a universal language that has the ability to improve brain power, build confidence and inspire creativity. The 'Keyboards for Kids' campaign will allow SNPS learners to express themselves through music, develop discipline and patience in practice and develop a love of music an...
posted by EmilyT3 · 28 days ago · 16 comments
12 Points
We are looking at buying new equipment for the dance rooms and to be able to offer scholarships to kids that wouldn't be able to afford it as there is alot of struggling families in the local community that would love to put there kids in dance but cant. IPA maybe a small dance school but we are one big family. When you see the look on a kids face that is able to do a dance class as they ha...
posted by JacintaC2 · 40 days ago · 3 comments
31 Points
The money will be used for portable UV sanitizers to kill germs like viruses and bacteria on all instruments, door handles, props and even the carpet. To purchase equipment like jumping castles for fundraising events and Christmas breakups. The money will also go to support the end of year concerts. A significant cost is involved when young kids are at a theatre at there end of year concert, th...
posted by DanielaP1 · 40 days ago · 2 comments