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Sycamore School - Furniture for classrooms
The Sycamore School has just opened a highschool for Chidren who are autistic. The buildings are currently being built and we need desks and chairs for the classrooms. We also need Whiteboards, teaching resources and computers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
posted by NicoleS2 · 16 days ago
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A very worthy school x
2 likes posted by JulesH2 March 05, 2019
We sure need furniture, technology, teaching resources and computers for our new classrooms. There are so many kids with autism that need a chance to be in an environment where they can be taught vital life skills and learn! There is not many places that they can go to get the help that they need.
1 like posted by RHONDAT1 March 06, 2019
An amazing school that deserves this so much and it 8mvests in our special people future for a very long time.
0 likes posted by JennaG1 5 days ago
Fantastic and worthy recipient!!
1 like posted by KathM3 March 12, 2019

A full time primary and secondary school for children with autism - a first for Queensland, and an absolutely amazing place!
0 likes posted by HiltsT1 6 days ago
Please please please this school is amaaazing !!!
0 likes posted by LeeF2 5 days ago
Definitely a worthy school!!
0 likes posted by KarynP2 5 days ago