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Birkdale State School - New Pool Cover!
Birkdale State School is very lucky to have its own pool for the students to use during PE lessons. Unfortunately our pool cover is in need of being replaced and without it the water temperature drops dramatically making it too cold for the students to swim right through the term. We would love to use the money to go towards replacing the cover so these important swimming lessons can continue for longer.
posted by TracyT3 · 566 days ago
I have seen other schools and organisations using the pool as well so a vote for Birkdale is a vote for the greater community. Learning to swim can save lives, a needed item for a deserving school 😊
5 likes posted by KeriM1 March 06, 2019
All children in the school benefit from the jessinsxss they are run for free in PE time. We all have learn to swim classes after school which are affected by the pool temp, esp for little ones. A new cover would be a great asset.
4 likes posted by BevC1 March 06, 2019
In this day & age it is extremely important for kids to know how to swim. It is a necessary life skill. I am a parent who many years ago assisted in teaching the kids how to swim at this school.
2 likes posted by FiT1 March 06, 2019
Swimming lessons are essential for all children and the more pool time they can get the better for everyone. Much needed item for BSS.
1 like posted by JodieP1 March 06, 2019
Much needed community upgrade. Good luck BSS x
2 likes posted by JulesH1 March 06, 2019
The pool cover helps to keep the pool warm so the kids get a longer period to practice their swimming and not to mention would help keep the ducks out of the pool.
4 likes posted by AngieC2 March 06, 2019
For the BSS kids!
4 likes posted by AmandaG4 March 06, 2019
Please help our community pool for all our young swimmers.
2 likes posted by SharonF3 March 06, 2019
Swimming is such an important skill for our kids to have - we need to give them every chance to learn, and having a new cover equals warmer water equals more swimming time.
1 like posted by ThereseHT1 March 06, 2019
The Birkdale pool needs a new cover. It would be such a benefit, not just for BSS, but also to the swimming squad, the community. #votebss #thanksfreedomproperty
4 likes posted by CarolL1 March 06, 2019
Swimming lessons are a necessity for our kids. When the pool temperature drops, lessons are cancelled because it's just too cold for the kids. The pool cover helps to maintain a good swimming temperature so that all kids can enjoy and participate in their lessons. A new pool cover is a necessity.
2 likes posted by LawreeB1 March 06, 2019
So many kids use this pool and the cover keeps it a little warmer and keeps it cleaner as well .
1 like posted by DebbieF2 March 07, 2019
For the kids!
1 like posted by KymY1 March 09, 2019
Birkdale kids are the best
2 likes posted by LianeD1 March 11, 2019
Yes we need it to keep the kids warm and keep the wildlife out......Please vote
1 like posted by LianeD1 March 27, 2019
Learning water safety and swimming at all ages saves lives.
0 likes posted by KymS1 March 28, 2019
Increasing the time the pool can be used 😊
4 likes posted by LeanneG1 March 05, 2019
Lessons can happen and are more productive when water temp is maintained.
3 likes posted by KymT1 March 05, 2019
All for the kids
4 likes posted by DavidT4 March 05, 2019
It is much needed and will be fantastic to help keep the pool a perfect swim temperature.
3 likes posted by CarolynM1 March 05, 2019
More swim time, more active kids! A great facility would be improved with new covers
3 likes posted by NickiW1 March 06, 2019