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Calamvale Community College - Air-Conditioning Classrooms
Our P and C is actively fundraising to assist our school in air conditioning all of our classrooms throughout the school. We have a large school with approx 2200 hard working students so we have many classrooms to air-condition. Our school has started this expensive process and we are hoping to assist and speed up this process by donating as much as we can to this important project. We want to ensure our students are given the best learning environment we can provide. Our school is also host to many international guests through our music, catering and international programs. Many other local community groups that use our school spaces are Chinese language, C and K day care, Taiwanese community events, FAD, Basket ball clubs, Jujitsu and many more. We would like to ensure that these important guests and community groups will also feel comfortable in the summer and winter months.
posted by MariaS4 · 564 days ago
What a great College, happy to support such a good school
0 likes posted by JulieM5 March 07, 2019
This is for Calamvale Community College.
1 like posted by MariaS4 March 07, 2019
My kids have done some amazing things through Calamvale Comunity College and I’m proud to support the college in anyway.
2 likes posted by LeesaM1 March 07, 2019
Let’s get our kids cool in Summer, so they have the best chance of learning.
0 likes posted by RachelS5 March 07, 2019
What a fantastic thing to do for our kids. Way to go CCC
0 likes posted by YvetteD2 March 07, 2019
This would benefit the school - not only the students but the hard working teachers too!
0 likes posted by CelinaW1 March 07, 2019
Great college
Proud to support
1 like posted by PoojaS1 March 07, 2019
For Calamvale Community College!
1 like posted by JenniferB3 March 07, 2019
Calamvale is a great school and our kids enjoy their schooling there since prep. I think installing air conditioning in the school will improve productivity and behavior within the students. I also think that a lot more potential within the students will be uncovered which is a plus for both students and the school.
0 likes posted by JonardC1 March 07, 2019
Very happy with Calamvale Community College. Hope the kids can do well in their study with cool classrooms!
0 likes posted by VivianC1 March 07, 2019
Definitely need this to keep our kids concentrating throughout the summer months under our hot conditions plus also to keep them warm throughout our cooler days
0 likes posted by JulzM1 March 07, 2019
Would Love my kids and their teachers to be able to learn and teach comfortably
0 likes posted by FionaB2 March 07, 2019
Proud to support this great school.
1 like posted by RebeccaL1 March 07, 2019
Such a great initiative!! Not only do our poor kids suffer, but so do the amazing teaching staff! Excellent use of funds to keep everyone cool and healthy.
0 likes posted by RebeccaL4 March 07, 2019
Yep. You've got my support!
0 likes posted by JimandN1 March 07, 2019
For calamvale community college,for our kids🙂
1 like posted by BrentP1 March 07, 2019
For calamvale community college please
0 likes posted by MJD1 March 07, 2019
For Calamvale Community College Kids !!!!
Research shows that a child can concentrate 30% better in air conditioning.
This improves learning and performance results.
As it is expensive to run air-conditioning and an added on-going cost to the school, PnC should also work towards Solar to fund the on-going costs.
0 likes posted by NarelleV1 March 08, 2019
Yes 120%
0 likes posted by VaseN1 March 09, 2019
Should be in all schools.
0 likes posted by CandiceS1 March 09, 2019
Love this school! Please support :)
0 likes posted by JuliaS4 March 09, 2019
For our kids at CCC the extreme heat make the Learning conditions very hard for students & teachers, bring on the aircon !
0 likes posted by JennyM3 March 10, 2019
0 likes posted by BethT2 March 10, 2019
Love our school , my kids are always happy there :)
0 likes posted by AmiraO1 March 11, 2019
Please vote!
0 likes posted by GretaT1 March 11, 2019
Keeping our kids cool during summer should be a need not a luxury. Our kids work better and learn better when thier comfortably on hot days. They deserve it. After all they are our future.
0 likes posted by TinaJ1 March 12, 2019
I support air-conditioning in class rooms. Hard for kids to concentrate when they are so hot.
0 likes posted by KylieO1 March 12, 2019
Amazing school, students would benefit from having air conditioned classrooms. The P & C are already fundraising to aircondition all classrooms and to win would give a huge boost towards this goal.
0 likes posted by RussellT1 March 12, 2019
For our children in CCC🙌
0 likes posted by LeasiolagiS1 March 12, 2019
Definitely 🙏🙏🙏
0 likes posted by BethC1 March 12, 2019
Crazy that there isnt air conditioning already
0 likes posted by LeisaB3 March 12, 2019
0 likes posted by CarolL2 March 12, 2019
Happy to support Calamvale Community College anyway I can, Children need to be kept comfortable, In these heatwave conditions, Its so important that children are comfortable and kept cool and hydrated at all times, PLEASE consider AIR CONDITIONING right throughout the school
0 likes posted by MayS1 March 12, 2019
Great school , with great teachers and students need good comfortable environment for learning... bring on the aircon
0 likes posted by GarimaG1 March 12, 2019
Both my kids went to the school, I feel sore for the kids having to sit in this boiling heat without aircon, let’s make it happen!
0 likes posted by MarieB1 March 12, 2019
Good improvement
0 likes posted by RuhiP1 March 12, 2019
Should be in all schools to promote a more comfortable environments for learning.
0 likes posted by DebraB4 March 13, 2019
Good school!! Plz help them!
0 likes posted by LisaS7 March 13, 2019
Calamvale college is a great school with some innovative prgrams
0 likes posted by MicheleL1 March 13, 2019
For Calamvale Community College. Proud to support.
0 likes posted by AliitiaE1 March 13, 2019
Pro 100% it’s all for our kids!
0 likes posted by ChristineS2 March 15, 2019
Great school please support aircon for the little kids.
0 likes posted by DineshR1 March 15, 2019
conditions very hard for students & teachers, bring on the aircon
0 likes posted by Dana March 15, 2019
My school needs air con for these kids. Please help
0 likes posted by CandaceA1 March 15, 2019
Yes! Comfortable learners are happy learners!
0 likes posted by SarahW3 March 15, 2019
Please support this school.
0 likes posted by SiaL1 March 15, 2019
Kid's learn and teacher's teach better if they are comfortable. Should be in all schools😊
0 likes posted by JennieV1 March 16, 2019
All schools should have Aircon in all class rooms as well as kindergartens.
0 likes posted by AtahuaM1 March 18, 2019
Proud to support for best school and teachers.
0 likes posted by RippleD1 March 23, 2019
Happy to support such a good school!
0 likes posted by PremR1 March 24, 2019
Great school great staff and students
0 likes posted by ShanonW1 March 25, 2019
It will definitely help with the children's concentration and focus throughout the day!
0 likes posted by RoxyT1 March 27, 2019
Supporting my nephew who is going to change the world
0 likes posted by KarenP4 March 27, 2019
It is so hard for the students to concentrate in the heat. They deserve better learning environments to be able to achieve their best.
0 likes posted by DebbieH1 March 27, 2019