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Inspirational Dance Shows
Limited Edition Dance is an inspiring, fun and positive dance studio that focuses on building the self-esteem of all our students, and inspiring greater connections and friendships throughout our local community. We hold free performances for our local community at markets, shopping centres and school fetes to showcase the amazing diversity of our dancers, grow their confidence and to inspire others to see that dance is something to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone! Funding will help our studio to cover the equipment expenses for these performances, and provide positive and motivational material to our students and the public. Thank you!
posted by SomaT1 · 872 days ago
These ahows are so much fun and allow all involved to really appreciate and accept themselves and others.
2 likes posted by JakeO1 May 29, 2018
Soma and the guys at LED are so dedicated, friendly, genuine, original and most of all keep the positive experience of every single one of the dancers as their top priority
2 likes posted by AmandaB4 May 29, 2018
Soma really inspires her students to accept themselves as they are and gives their confidence a huge boost through dance.
2 likes posted by WendyJ1 May 30, 2018
Soma & the team are just brilliant. They are so dedicated to what they do. Classes are fun and there is no pressure. The kids can be themselves , which is such a joy to watch at the end of term shows. My daughter has become so confident since joining this great studio.
2 likes posted by TracyH1 June 25, 2018
What an inspirational, positive and amazing dance school that encourages and fosters each students individuality and builds self esteem. Soma and her dance school are an asset to the Redlands and I hope to see more children touched by this wonderful community minded business!
2 likes posted by AmandaM8 June 25, 2018
Lily has absolutely LOVED this past term doing contemporary and jazz dance! The whole staff is amazingly positive and encouraging, but also honest and constructive. It is wonderful to see Lily dancing for the pure enjoyment of it, rather than worrying about having each and every step "perfect". It is incredibly liberating! Consequently, Lily picked up the two dances very quickly and easily, without the overwhelming pressure that accompanies so many other dance schools. Well done L.E.D!!!!
0 likes posted by NatalieS3 June 26, 2018
I went to one of their end of term performances, it was so emotional to see the girls giving it their best in such a supportive environment. All the girls were singing the songs and having so much fun, it brought me to tears.
0 likes posted by KarenO4 June 26, 2018
Limited Edition dance studio is a fun and active way for kids of all ages learn to dance and get energetic in the process, my daughter won a school holiday dance full day and I walked away knowing that she would have fun. Soma and her team are happy positive and just fun to be around keep up the great work that you do Limited Edition Dance.
0 likes posted by RachelT2 June 26, 2018
The most beautiful people inside and out, the community needs more people and places like this to lift the self esteem of our children. Very deserving company.
0 likes posted by LaurenW1 June 28, 2018