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As part of the Logan Youth Music Exchange I am hoping to travel to Japan as a first violinist however I am in need of funding in order to pay for food, drink and general travel expenses whilst I am over there. Your vote would mean a lot to me as it will allow me to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity doing something I love. Thank you!
posted by CaitlynA31 · 942 days ago · 1 comment
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Redlands Muddies Under 14's are planning a tour next year to visit our Island brothers . The tour is designed to take our Young men out of there home environment and experience the culture of small communities and how sport can bring us together. The boys will be busy over the next year out in the community to fundraise for the tour but a kickstart like this would be awesome.
posted by KymW1 · 944 days ago · 9 comments
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Brighten the day, while the kids learn and play. In previous years, our school (Birkdale State School) has been subject to graffiti and vandalism, BUT with the recent installation of the large perimeter fence we have been able to prevent any further damage. To celebrate, we would like to brighten and liven up the school walls with murals. In keeping with this theme, we want to be able to includ...
posted by JessT1 · 945 days ago · 25 comments
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The Sunshine Coast Photographic Competition will be open to primary and secondary school children from Year 3 to Year 12 living on the Sunshine Coast. With four age categories, entries will be photos featuring the 'environment' or 'animals'. The Rotary Club of Caloundra needs your help to secure the prize monies to encourage students to enter the competition.
posted by CaloundraRotary · 969 days ago · 6 comments
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Have you noticed or heard about the reduction in the number of pre-school and primary school aged children who cannot swim. Swimming lessons for Primary School Children are no longer mandatory - and there were 19 deaths in Queensland last year from drowning. The Government has introduced a voucher scheme for Primary school children but poorer families who would like their children to swim still...
posted by CaloundraRotary · 969 days ago · 6 comments
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Many of our student’s struggle to regulate their emotions for many reasons - creating a Drumming Circle at our school during lunch breaks with a group of 10 or so children is a proven method to help kids in this space. We would like to purchase 10-15 Congas to be able to get this group off the ground.
posted by CarolC2 · 970 days ago · 11 comments
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Connect2Group's Community Arts Precinct continues to support people with disability or mental health for over 10years. We believe that everybody deserves access to the arts and the opportunity to participate in a creative and social outlet to express their feelings and artistic flare. Our program aims to give every participant a unique opportunity to contribute to the community’s artistic a...
posted by NickyM1 · 977 days ago · 16 comments
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Limited Edition Dance is an inspiring, fun and positive dance studio that focuses on building the self-esteem of all our students, and inspiring greater connections and friendships throughout our local community. We hold free performances for our local community at markets, shopping centres and school fetes to showcase the amazing diversity of our dancers, grow their confidence and to inspire o...
posted by SomaT1 · 996 days ago · 9 comments
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We are a community Hub at regents Park state school, and We do up Art bags for the children’s hospital and it’s all a volunteer run program with the help of the community Hub leader, we try to get people to help us supply things to put into art bags, it ranges from pencils, crayons, colouring in books, squishy toys, drink bottles and we don’t get any funding to put the bags together and we stil...
posted by HelenP1 · 1001 days ago · 8 comments