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Community Arts Program
Connect2Group's Community Arts Precinct continues to support people with disability or mental health for over 10years. We believe that everybody deserves access to the arts and the opportunity to participate in a creative and social outlet to express their feelings and artistic flare. Our program aims to give every participant a unique opportunity to contribute to the community’s artistic and cultural landscape and provides a unique service throughout the Redlands including those most vulnerable. We do this by bringing aspiring artists together, and bridging the gap between artists living in isolation and the wider public community. Our participants are looking to enter several pieces of artwork into the Brisbane City Council Art Of The Margins exhibition later this year and any financial support will greatly assist in purchasing sufficient art resources and allow the group to hire a bus to attend the exhibition in person.
posted by NickyM1 · 853 days ago
Go guys!
2 likes posted by PeteM2 May 25, 2018
Fully Agree! 'Carramar' Diversional Therapists need $'s & increased volun-teer support to run activities for those who need to utilise their services. Diversional Therapy is not seen as an 'essential need', yet, as a retired O.T. Assistant&Snr.Div.Therapist, I know that these activities give folk 'a purpose for living'/'for existing' as they look forward positively to sharing in these activities & producing 'something' they can keep or give away to family & friends. These activities could be a shared activity like building/ constructing a bird bath for the gardens, wrappingup Christmas presents for themselves & others or making Easter Cards to send to family or sell on community stall. (Look at Leisure/Recreational Activities for N.Homes, especially those who follow 'Altos' or 'Eden' Principles.) Cheers, Lorraine 0409173853/ lorabird@gmail.com
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Very worthy initiative Freedom Properties. C2G staff provide an amazing service to this cohort of participants and the benefits our clients recieve in terms of sence of purpose and belonging is un measurable. Go C2G!
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This is a great Program
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Good luck C2G.
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Hope the gr8 work continues!
0 likes posted by ElizabethS1 June 02, 2018
Awesome C2G - As a mental health survivor the Arts assisted in providing an emotional outlet - A platform to express myself on paper, canvas or any medium for that matter. This is fantastic.
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Great program. Keep up the good work.
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Great arts 🎭 Centre need it for our disabled clients to use
Hope you get funding
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This is a fantastic programme which the clients really enjoy.
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A great program for C2G clients. The enjoyment everyone gets from creating a masterpiece is brilliant.
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A great programme. Clients really enjoy and get excited about their artwork.
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This programme is fantastic for all clients
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Connect2 group has an awesome art programme that the clients love and enjoy!!
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A great program which results in many beneficial outcomes.
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Awesome! :)
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