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Drumming Circle
Many of our student’s struggle to regulate their emotions for many reasons - creating a Drumming Circle at our school during lunch breaks with a group of 10 or so children is a proven method to help kids in this space. We would like to purchase 10-15 Congas to be able to get this group off the ground.
posted by CarolC2 · 846 days ago
This would be awesome for our school!!
1 like posted by SharonK1 June 01, 2018
Sounds like a great idea!
0 likes posted by CarlyS1 June 01, 2018
Essential to their wellbeing!!
Bring this and more to the schools.
0 likes posted by SarahM6 June 01, 2018
Awesome 😎
0 likes posted by AmandaT5 June 01, 2018
I love this idea
0 likes posted by RachelL3 June 01, 2018
What a great strategy!
0 likes posted by TamaraT1 June 05, 2018
Great idea
0 likes posted by SashaW1 June 05, 2018
Amazing idea. Kids are lucky to have you
0 likes posted by JoanneN1 June 05, 2018
A small school with a great idea, such a great help.
0 likes posted by EmmaM5 June 06, 2018
Drumming circles are great Carol, I’ve taken part in quite a few over the years. I’d love to see this happen for the school as they create such amazing energies and comradery.
0 likes posted by ParvatiT1 June 06, 2018
Cool idea, love it!
0 likes posted by MarmaK1 June 06, 2018