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Learn to Swim Scholarships
Have you noticed or heard about the reduction in the number of pre-school and primary school aged children who cannot swim. Swimming lessons for Primary School Children are no longer mandatory - and there were 19 deaths in Queensland last year from drowning. The Government has introduced a voucher scheme for Primary school children but poorer families who would like their children to swim still cannot afford to send them. There is also a need for pre- schoolers to learn to swim. The Rotary Club of Caloundra aims to make a number of places available for needy children to learn to swim.
posted by CaloundraRotary · 842 days ago
A much needed initiative for needy children who need to learn how to swim
0 likes posted by LesW1 June 02, 2018
The drowning of a child is preventable. Learning to swim ensures your child will not be one of these horrible statistics.
0 likes posted by PeterD4 June 03, 2018
Cost should not be a factor in preventing a child to learn to swim, this scheme will help those most in need and provide them with the necessary water skills
0 likes posted by ChristopherR1 June 08, 2018
Lets try and reduce unnecessary child drownings. Teaching young children to swim is an essential Queensland activity.
0 likes posted by HelenF2 June 23, 2018
All children should be able to swim
0 likes posted by PamT1 June 24, 2018
Teaching the young children to swim is essential in this day and age. There should be no restriction for them to learn. This is why the Rotary club of Caloundra has initiated this program
0 likes posted by BernadetteS3 June 25, 2018