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Sunny Coast Photo Competition
The Sunshine Coast Photographic Competition will be open to primary and secondary school children from Year 3 to Year 12 living on the Sunshine Coast. With four age categories, entries will be photos featuring the 'environment' or 'animals'. The Rotary Club of Caloundra needs your help to secure the prize monies to encourage students to enter the competition.
posted by CaloundraRotary · 845 days ago
Budding photographers need encouragement. A great idea.
0 likes posted by LesW1 June 02, 2018
Another use for the phones of our young, apart from social media. Using the camera to take great photos.
0 likes posted by PeterD4 June 03, 2018
Local schools have shown a great interest in this project which will provide our youngsters with an opportunity to develop their creativity
0 likes posted by ChristopherR1 June 08, 2018
Lets rally around our secondary school children and give them the incentive to go our and take great photos of our Sunshine Coast environment and our animals.
0 likes posted by HelenF2 June 23, 2018
A wonderful way for our kids to develope their creativity
0 likes posted by PamT1 June 24, 2018
What a wonderful way to involve our youth in getting out there and having a go
0 likes posted by BernadetteS3 June 25, 2018