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Cool coolers to cool the kids
The P&C at Birkdale State School works hard to ensure that water and cold drinks are available during sports carnivals, gala sports days, school camps, fund raising BBQs and other events. Due to being a split campus, with the sports oval separated from the main school, there is no option other than using eskies to keep drinks and water cold on days such as sports day, as well as interschool sport activity etc. Currently eskies are lent to the school by parents and water containers have to be hired. We would love to have funds to be able to buy eskies and large insulated water containers to be able to provide cold water and drinks, for parents, students and other community members. We will be more than happy to lend them to other local schools/associations as well.
posted by LeanneG1 · 961 days ago
Such a great idea ... hydration in our heat is so important
1 like posted by DiT1 February 07, 2018
This would be fantastic for the school !!
1 like posted by DebbieF1 February 09, 2018
In this heat the children should drink plenty of water so they become dehydrated.
1 like posted by PaulineE1 February 16, 2018
All children need to be hydrated.
1 like posted by PaulineE1 February 16, 2018
Yes yes yes!!! What a great thing for the kiddies at the school :)
1 like posted by DebraC1 February 16, 2018
great idea great school great help for Birkdale .
1 like posted by BevK1 February 16, 2018
Last year’s Gala day was ridiculously hot. I don’t know theses venues to offer free water for the children anyway. To pay $4 for a bottle of water is absurd.
1 like posted by KellyO1 February 17, 2018
The kids deserve it .
0 likes posted by SteveO1 February 19, 2018
Awesome idea!!!! 👍
0 likes posted by GlennC1 February 21, 2018
Our kids need this!
0 likes posted by AndreaM2 February 22, 2018
This would be a great benefit to our school.
0 likes posted by TheresaV1 February 26, 2018
Water is more palatable to a child when it’s cold.
0 likes posted by CassI1 March 12, 2018
This would be amazing for our school
0 likes posted by MelanieL1 March 12, 2018
Awesome idea. Something that our fantastic school and students could really benefit from. Not to mention other surrounding schools and out side community event organisers with our willingness to share the prize.
0 likes posted by TanyaS1 March 14, 2018
Please help us keep our kids cool!
0 likes posted by AlexB1 March 29, 2018
These would be so beneficial for our great school! Go Birkdale 😊👊🏻
3 likes posted by TracyT3 February 03, 2018
These would be fantastic for the children
2 likes posted by HelenF1 February 03, 2018
The kids would really benefit from this great idea!
2 likes posted by BfT1 February 03, 2018
Definitely would be a great help for Birkdale
3 likes posted by KelliI1 February 03, 2018
What a deserving school
Such an opportunity to support freedom for the community of students in Birkdale.
Vote yes & keep school cool
3 likes posted by PaulB3 February 04, 2018
What a wonderful idea
2 likes posted by JulieL6 February 04, 2018
Great idea for a great school !
Lets go Birkdale !
3 likes posted by KeriM1 February 04, 2018
In the Queensland heat we need to ensure all children have easy access to cold water!
2 likes posted by JulesH2 February 04, 2018
These would be amazing for the children :)
2 likes posted by CharleneC1 February 04, 2018
Let's encourage our kids to drink more water and give them access to cool water
2 likes posted by CarolL1 February 04, 2018
Hydration is so important for the kids and we need to make it easy for them.
1 like posted by CamG1 February 05, 2018
Good. Luck Birkdale State.School
2 likes posted by TessT1 February 06, 2018
This would be great for
Our fantastic school Birkdale State
1 like posted by DebbieF1 February 06, 2018