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Drinking bubblers for Prep
Children don't always recognise the early stages of thirst, which can make them particularly vulnerable to becoming dehydrated especially during play time which can tiredness, headaches and lack of concentration. At Kingston State School, the Prep students currently have 1 drinking tap accessible to them in their designated eating and play area. The closest set of bubblers are out of their area and too tall for our little ones to use successfully. Please help us get a set of bubblers/drinking taps that are the right height for our Preppies!
posted by SonyaA2 · 939 days ago
Voted !!! Good luck 😀
0 likes posted by KristyC4 February 26, 2018
Great idea!
0 likes posted by MeganM5 February 26, 2018
This is needed and has been since the new classrooms were put in.
0 likes posted by ColinW1 February 26, 2018
0 likes posted by DanielleT1 February 26, 2018
Good luck sonya
0 likes posted by MichelleG2 February 28, 2018
Good luck! 🤗
0 likes posted by JaclynM1 March 03, 2018
With a preppie currently at the school they definitely need this especially in our hot summers.
0 likes posted by MichelleH4 March 08, 2018
Yes more bubbles pls :)
0 likes posted by MelanieK2 March 08, 2018
Good luck 😉
0 likes posted by KarleyT1 March 08, 2018
Hope we win my daughter is in prep and a very big drinker i already pack her two bottles which come home empty nearly everyday
0 likes posted by RebeccaE1 March 08, 2018
Good luck
0 likes posted by KellyT4 March 08, 2018
Hope you are successful in getting this much needed equipment. ☺
0 likes posted by StellaL1 March 09, 2018
I hope that you get these much needed bubblers my daughter went to Kingston State School in prep so I’ve voted for you’s
0 likes posted by CarmelH1 March 09, 2018
Good luck really hope you get the much needed extra bubblers
0 likes posted by JacinthaL1 March 10, 2018
All the best 😊
0 likes posted by KayeH1 March 11, 2018
voted :)
0 likes posted by LisaS5 March 12, 2018
Good luck !! This really should be a must. These kids should not be deprived bubblers.
1 like posted by TanyaP2 March 12, 2018
Hope you get those drinking bubblers
0 likes posted by HelenR1 March 12, 2018
There should be bubblers everywhere my grandson goes to this school he is in prep and i really hope they win these bubblers good luck
0 likes posted by ShazzaC1 March 13, 2018
Good luck. Kids need lots of water!
0 likes posted by JulieW1 March 31, 2018
Good luck
0 likes posted by KerrieA1 March 31, 2018
Voted!!! Fingers crossed
0 likes posted by SandraC3 March 31, 2018
Good luck, my grandchildren go there and I have one in prep, these are a must.
0 likes posted by KerryC2 March 31, 2018
As a prep teacher in the school, these kids deserve to have water on tap.
0 likes posted by TracyB2 March 31, 2018
This is my old school KSS and yes bring on the bubblers
1 like posted by WaydeS1 March 31, 2018