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$2000 for a Christmas Smile
Know someone who needs help over Christmas?
Tell us why your friend should get the support offered by creating a support idea and share it with your friends. Together we can add a few smiles over Christmas!
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I would love to help out my gorgeous friend who is a deserving single mother of 2. Currently out of work and raising her 2 beautiful children by herself, this time of year can be a bit hard. She sacrifices a lot for her children and I would love to help spread some Christmas cheer so she can give her little ones and herself a wonderful Christmas.
posted by ChristinaP1 · 949 days ago · 0 comments
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My 4 year old daughter was diagnosed a year ago with an incurable chronic brain and spinal disease. Since being diagnosed she has had meningitis twice, 14 brain surgeries and 1 spinal surgery. My husband and i have 3 beautiful daughters and lillys condition split our family apart for months and months on end. The bills and mortgage stacked up as our daughter fought the fight. After enduring the...
posted by MichaelaA1 · 961 days ago · 1 comment
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My father has endured more than any man should over the last 7 years. A double transplant, heart attack, bowel resection and now a rare eye disease which is taking his vision. Over this time he has remained ever thankful for each day he gets to wake up and enjoy his life and family for another day. With his new passion for life he has taken to both donating time, money and gifts as well as rais...
posted by ChristinaP1 · 962 days ago · 0 comments
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Hello everyone! My daughter is diagnosed with severe global developmental delay and she has Autism. Her funding runs out because she is over 7 years old now, but her speech therapy is still ongoing and she's still non verbal. We have to pay for our own pockets now for all her theraphy sessions regularly. The company that i worked have closed down and so we couldnt afford to pay her speech t...
posted by AlfredoA1 · 964 days ago · 0 comments
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our Food relief at Champions Church Thornlands could really use a helping Hand just imagine the Hampers we could give out or the extra groceries needed to make a meal for a family..People at our place need feeding and loving Santa is missing from most of their lives
posted by MarciaP1 · 964 days ago · 0 comments
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My mother whom has taken in some beautiful children and caring for her own as well. (Not foster children, similar but more permemant for children to help give them the lives they deserve and she does such a awesome job at it, she makes it look so easy to the outside world as she is so good) Our home just burnt down on the 17th of October and lost everything my mum worked so hard to give us all ...
posted by AlexT1 · 968 days ago · 3 comments
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Zoe's Angels is a Charity supporting children with Chronic illnesses such as Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and Lupus. Our Charity supplies children in hospital with a goodie bag full of nice surprises, to bring a smile to their day, particularly over the Christmas break. Some of these children come from Northern and Outback Queensland, some from Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane areas...
posted by DiS1 · 971 days ago · 4 comments
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The Rotary Club of Redland Sunrise will provide young children who have vision impairment with braille or large print books for Christmas. These children all live in western Queensland where their families are suffering severe drought conditions. Families in these areas are not able to afford expensive reading books for their children, as the drought has caused them to rein in their expenses. W...
posted by JanetB2 · 977 days ago · 2 comments