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Hilliard State School
Native Flora and Fauna Mural
We would love to paint a series of bright, creative and inspiring mural art pieces for our school community to enjoy. An inclusive project created and executed by parents, students and staff to transform the current plain concrete walls with colorful native themed murals featuring local flora and fauna. Our year 6 classes will be the first to work with the committee to design a mural for their lunch area and will be a wonderful legacy for future students.
posted by LaurenT9 · 30 days ago
Yes we need need this x
3 likes posted by ShazzaB1 August 24, 2020
Sounds Amazing, good luck 😊
3 likes posted by NeanyL1 August 24, 2020
Fingers crossed!! This would be great 😊
3 likes posted by TarynG1 August 24, 2020
great for the kids and visitors to see.
3 likes posted by KathyP2 August 24, 2020
Fingers crossed xx
2 likes posted by TaraM4 August 24, 2020
3 likes posted by MelindaK1 August 24, 2020
3 likes posted by MelanieC1 August 24, 2020
Great for the kids
3 likes posted by MargaretH4 August 24, 2020
Yes!! This would be incredible!
5 likes posted by JasminJ August 24, 2020
Something for the year 6 students to leave their mark before leaving for high school next year. They've missed out on so many traditional activities this year.
5 likes posted by JacquelineB2 August 24, 2020
This would really help brighten up our school🤞
3 likes posted by SueT3 August 24, 2020
This would be awesome.
3 likes posted by NathalieP2 August 24, 2020
This would be amazing for Hilliard’s Tuckerbox!
3 likes posted by LeahT1 August 24, 2020
This would be fabulous. Fingers crossed x
3 likes posted by LindaH1 August 24, 2020
This would be fantastic for our school 😊
3 likes posted by PaulineD1 August 24, 2020
We have such amazing wildlife at the school, capturing it in murals would be amazing. Our students are so thankful for, and invested in maintaining an environment for our wonderful wildlife ❤
3 likes posted by KathrynM3 August 24, 2020
So much better than the plain block walls!
3 likes posted by NatalieW1 August 24, 2020
This would be a fantastic addition!
3 likes posted by FionaC6 August 24, 2020
Yes please, this would be awesome. 🤞
Good Luck Hilliard 👌
3 likes posted by MicheleP1 August 24, 2020
Would be a welcome addition to our lovely school.
2 likes posted by MelD3 August 25, 2020
This would be awesome
2 likes posted by GraceM3 August 24, 2020
The kiddos would love this !
3 likes posted by SharmanB1 August 24, 2020
Absolutely fantastic, hope we get it!
3 likes posted by MilaT1 August 24, 2020
Very exciting! Let's all do our best to get this across the line :-).
1 like posted by richie.yates August 25, 2020
What a great idea 🤞
3 likes posted by JessS3 August 24, 2020
Love this 🙌
2 likes posted by NatashaC1 August 26, 2020
Fabulous - love this idea!
1 like posted by KerriS1 September 03, 2020
Hope you win!
1 like posted by AlisonB2 September 04, 2020
Looking forward to seeing it
1 like posted by RobynW4 6 days ago
Would be amazing
1 like posted by CorrineH1 5 days ago
All the best, would look fabulous!
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0 likes posted by KarrynG1 Yesterday at 7:31 PM
Yes the kids need this
0 likes posted by LesleyR1 Yesterday at 7:51 PM
Fingers crossed 🤞
0 likes posted by BronwenH1 Today at 7:32 AM
All the hard work that everyone has put in to make the school look and feel welcoming this would be the reward for all the effort cheers
0 likes posted by KenR2 Yesterday at 8:40 PM
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